Date Night In: Aloha!

July's Date Night In Box is definitely my favorite one so far! Straight off the bat, you can see how pretty the box is, but box art aside, this entire box is a lot of fun!

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I was drawn to this box instantly because I am a lover of (mostly) all things tropical. I love tropical flowers, flavors, scents....

And while I'm not one for traveling, I love learning about and trying new things from different places around the world. So this particular date night was right up my alley. I love absolutely everything about this box.

The little "newsletter" (as I call it) this month was decked out in pretty colors and photos. This box was definitely easy to photograph for the blog because the colors all flowed together well, and the box actually had a lot of really nice items that I can reuse in other blog photos! So it's a win/win all around if you ask me. 

For July's dinner menu, they have you making a pulled pork sandwich with a pineapple slaw, fruit salad, and macadamia nut oatmeal cookies that are dipped in white chocolate. Yum! 

In addition to a Hawaiian themed playlist on Spotify, they also give you a fun list of movies that were either filmed in Hawaii or have a tropical feel to them. So if you are like my Mister and I, and love to incorporate a movie into your date nights, they gave a list to fit the theme. I'll be honest, I hope they do this more often. Sometimes we just prefer a themed movie to watch instead of a playlist. So this was fun! 

You definitely can't go wrong with tropical drinks, right? We don't drink much anymore so we made ours without the alcohol, but man were they delicious! They gave us two cups, two straws, and two different single serve drink mixes, which we added pineapple juice to as well. The cups were a little cracked when they arrived, which is kind of a shame because they are really cute. So we just used our own cups. 

If you watched my unboxing of this on Youtube, you'll remember me mentioning that my husband is game for any box that comes with food. He's my foodie. Of course he was going to love the chips they sent for us to snack on while we sipped our beverages and watched a movie. Actually, he's hooked on these now. They were extra crisp and had a great taste to them. So now I have to hunt these down locally or buy a case of them online for him to snack on. 

We liked the Lei It On Me card Game. When we first started dating, we had purchased and filled out an "All About Us" book; something for us to learn about each other and look back on years from now. We still read through it on our anniversary every year, or at least we try to, and see if our answers have changed much. So we are all for these types of games that have us answering questions about each other. 

I also really love the smell of the candle they sent! The cute candle and the leafy lei will come in handy for future blog posts. I mean, look how great they look in this photo! So it's always nice to get things in these date boxes that I can reuse. 

Another game this month was the Hawaiian version of checkers. I'll admit, we didn't play this. It just wasn't our thing. The kids liked playing it, though, and the little stones they sent are really pretty and can also be reused for many other things. 

Speaking of using them for other things, we used them for the Aloha Bingo. How pretty are these cards?! Like I said, this entire box is gorgeous. The Bingo game is fun and has you doing a hula dance, try to say things in Hawaiian, and many other fun things to get bingo. Or in this case "Aloha". 

See what I mean about the box items being great props for photos?! At any rate, we also got promo codes for two of the companies that were featured in this month's box and I am certainly going to check out both of these companies some more because we really liked the drink mixes and the candle smells amazing! 

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