Sunday Self Care Day and Why You Should Be Having One of Your Own

I am a firm believer that everyone should set aside one day (or even an hour) out of the week, dedicated to taking extra special care of themselves. For me, that's my Sunday Self Care Day.

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Self Care Day, for me, isn't specifically about a beauty routine. It's more a day that I can relax, free my mind a little bit of what's been stressing me out through the week, and mostly about just rejuvenating my mind, body, and soul. It's like my "energy charging" day, basically. 

I use to be one of those people who would run myself so thin that I could hardly function properly and I would end up with a complete emotional and mental breakdown after all the buildup. I was of no use to my husband, home, and children when I got like this, because I would kind of just check out of life for a little while and isolate myself. So that's sort of when I decided that I needed at least one day per week dedicated to just taking care of myself so I can start the week ahead as a brand new, less stressed, me. Realistically, I'll always have stress. It's not like a bubble bath is going to make it all completely disappear, but I'll be honest, it helps calm me enough to rationally deal with whatever it is I have to deal with. 

Since I'm a mom, my Self Care Day isn't going to be 100% about me. I still do my usual Sunday load of laundry and bathroom scrubbing, but I wake up early enough to get that done first thing. I also still cook dinner, clean up afterwards, and get both kiddos ready for bed and once they are tucked in, spend alone time with my Mister. However, between my morning chores and dinner prep, that time is all me. And my husband, the amazing man he is, takes over taking care of the kiddos and whatever needs done during that time, allowing me to recharge. As a matter of fact, on the Sundays we have plans or the times that I don't schedule in a Self Care Day, he is the one who urges me to go soak in a bubble bath or relax in bed for a bit. 

Obviously, during this time I do a weekly beauty routine which is a little more extensive than the just facial cleansing and moisturizing that I do during the week. 

Of course, it starts off with a bubble bath. Sometimes there's wine. I don't drink much anymore and so wine doesn't happen very often, unless hubby and I are celebrating an anniversary, holiday, or sometimes on a Date Night. Confession: most of the time it's slightly watered down cranberry juice in my wine glass. 😂

After the bubble bath, which usually consists of exfoliating and of course shaving, I proceed to get dressed in my comfiest clothing and start on my face. Because It's a little rough on my skin, I don't use it daily, but this is the time I give my face a good exfoliating with my Michael Todd Soniclear and a cleanser. I follow this up with a facial mask, then Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Acne Treatment if needed, Nip & Fab Dragon's Blood Serum, and a facial moisturizer. 

While I'm waiting to wash (or peel) my facial mask off, this is the time that I often soak my feet in hot water, epsom salts, and lavender oil. I soak my feet for a bit, exfoliate them and get all the dead skin off, wrap them in a hot towel straight out of the dryer, moisturize the heck out of them, and throw on a pair of fuzzy socks. Yes, I do this in the summer as well. The hot water and towel open up all your pores in your skin, making absorption of the lotion much better. The socks truly help with this as well. 

While my feet are soaking and the mask is setting, I will usually read a little bit, or marathon a few episodes of one of my favorite shows. Most Sundays I will marathon a show while I'm scheduling posts. 

This process always makes me feel refreshed and destressed. It never fails! 
On the not so rare occasion that my Self Care Sunday gets held off until after the kiddos are in bed, I'll include some lavender oil in the diffuser, a hot cup of herbal tea, and maybe some ASMR videos on Youtube. This usually puts me to sleep pretty quickly. 

I propose that all my readers take a Self Care Sunday (or any day of the week). It doesn't necessarily have to be like mine. You can adapt it to the things that relax and calm you personally. You'll be surprised by how much better you feel afterwards. 

Question time! 

Tell me in the comments what you do for your "self care day""


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