Hard Candy Glitteratzi Liquid Sparklers

I've really been enjoying how far makeup has come in the last few years. I'm one of those people who rarely updates my makeup because I just don't wear it as often as I use to. On the plus side, my skin has never looked better! On the downside, I'm realizing I'm really missing out on good quality, affordable cosmetics, like Hard Candy, for instance. 

I've kind of been stuck in the rut of using the same brands for too many years without branding out. For instance, just recently, I updated my 11 year old shadow pallets from Coastal Scents and swapped them out for a few Hard Candy and ELF palettes. I'm really into the shadows that sparkle. Hard Candy Galactic Eyes Palette is a rather impressive set of shadows if I'm being honest. 

Recently, I was contacted about trying out Hard Candy's Glitteratzi liquid sparklers. Now, admittedly, this wasn't the first time I had been contacted and reviewed these things. However, the first time I had been contacted, they specifically called them "LIP sparklers" so that's how I reviewed them. I even double checked the original email I was sent multiple times just to make sure. That's even how the media pamphlet showed them, was on the lips. This time, when I was contacted about them, they called them simply "Liquid Sparklers" and said they were kind of an all purpose glitter. I honestly thought they were a different product; kind of an addition the Glitteratzi line, basically. When they arrived, though, I realized they were literally the same thing I reviewed last time. The difference was that last time I hadn't even considered using these on my eyes because that's not how they were presented to me. They even sent a color I didn't get in the last PR package, so I thought, okay, it's technically a completely new review. So let's go...

As a lip sparkler, they were just okay. They kind of dried out your lips because it wasn't like a glittery gloss. I don't know what I can compare the consistency to other than water. They just made my lips feel dry and weird, and didn't really show up well even layered with other lipsticks or glosses. 

THIS time, as an "all over" glitter, I find I like them better. They are absolutely perfect for over shadows to really make the whole look pop. 

In the above photo, I used Glitteratzi Liquid Sparkler in the color Star over a matte rose gold and brown blend with a slight shimmer white at the inner corners, and I love the outcome. I actually did try it on my lips again in this look, over a nude lipstick, but only in the center of the bottom lip as kind of a highlight. In that manner, it's not too bad, but I still don't like them for an all over on your lips. 

In this look, I used Glitteratzi Liquid Sparkler in Galactic and holy nuggets, this color is gorgeous! I just layered this sparkler over a matte blue and purple blend with my usual slight shimmer white at the inner corners. Here, I am using the exact same nude lip as the photo above, but you can see how the sparkler gave it some shimmer in the top photo. So there you see the difference in how it can make the lips shimmer. 

It's suggested that you can use these in your eyebrows as well, but I'm too old for that and it's just not my thing, unless maybe for a cosplay or themed photoshoot I'm doing. The Aurora sparkler is white, and I'm itching to see how it does as a highlight to be honest, because it's white and super glittery. We have already established that over shadows they are fantastic, and can be okay on lips, but I personally wouldn't put them on as an all over lip shade. So now I'm interested in seeing how the white may do as a highlight. I'll have to play around with that a little. 

Now that I'm aware these are more than just lip sparklers, like they were initially presented a few months ago, I'm over the moon for them. As a matter of fact, I've been using these on my eyes every single day now, which is not the norm for me as I don't wear makeup through the week, only on weekends. I've just had a ton of fun playing around with them over different shadow colors and they really bring out the color of my eyes as well. 

The best thing is that these are really affordable at $6 and found at Walmart! They make cheap shadows look highly pigmented and expensive. I'm not kidding. So I guess now I have to stock up, because my daughter has been using them and she loves them so much, she doesn't want to give them back. 😂

Samples were received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom. See Privacy Policy for full disclosure and more information. 


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