Family Game Night Roundup II

Summer is here, and it's time to keep the kiddos busy! Aside from the usual outdoor playing (scooters, sidewalk chalk, adventure play...), this is where our huge stock in board games comes in handy. I can always just send them out with a board game and they can sit on the deck and play until their hearts content while I get some housework done. It's a true win/win.

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Of course, family game night is also a great time to get the kids to wind down after a long, rambunctious day. A lot of times, after their baths, we will sit out in the dining room and play one game before bed. Other nights I prefer to play before they get their bath, but it all depends on how hyper they have been and if they have settled down by a certain time. Because let's be realistic here, kids seem to have much more energy during the summer than the rest of the year and us parents need ways to get them to wind down a bit or keep them busy during a rainy day. 

This month, we are playing some more new games from Goliath and Pressman. I actually had no idea these were being sent, but it was an exciting surprise! We love mystery mail! My kids were jumping all over the place when they opened the box and they literally had to sit down and play each and every one of these that exact same day. Admittedly, my children both liked these games much more than the last bunch because these were less educational and more random fun. And hey, it is summer break, after all. 

The kiddos have already seen a of these advertised on television, so they were pretty familiar with them already. 

Catch The Fox
This is a fun and quick game that even I loved. Of course, maybe I'm a little bias, as foxes are one of my favorite animals. At any rate, you roll the dice to see how many chickens to put in the fox's pants pockets. Once you pocket those chickens, you press his head one time and proceed to the next player. But watch out! Too many chickens, and the fox's pants will fall down. The player who scoops up enough chickens to fill their coop is the winner!

Build or Boom

This is one of Goliath's newer games, and my son is obsessed with it! The game comes with a lot of building materials for two players (or play in groups). Each player or group gathers the materials indicated on the builder blueprint card. At the count of three, each player rushes to build the structure on the blueprint card. Once a player completes their structure, he or she hits the dynamite and "blows up" the opponent's structure. It's a race to see who can build the fastest before their structure goes "boom". 

Shark Bite

Shark Bite by Pressman Toys is a fishing game with a little "bite" to it! Each player takes turns fishing, but choose your fish wisely, because if you pull the wrong one, the shark's mouth chomps closed! This game provided a ton of giggles and full on laughing fits from both of my kiddos. My brother and his fiance purchased the game for their two boys, and they love it as well. I'm going to utilize this particular game during our Shark Week activities as well! 

Greedy Granny

This game is one of my favorites! It kind of reminds me of the classic game "Don't Wake Daddy". The object of the game is to take turns swiping treats from the tray and then pressing the button, but try not to wake granny, because her teeth will come flying out! I swear I laughed so hard at this game, and it had a bit of nostalgia to me because of the Don't Wake Daddy feel to it. 

Doggie Doo

I'll admit, I struggle with this one a bit. As parents, are we not frequently trying to prevent our curious children from playing with poop? Exactly! Yet, here we are, giving them a game where they play with fake poop. My kids love this one. Possibly because I don't. Even the sound that the "poop" makes as it's coming out and then the sound it makes as it actually does come out is rather gross. But kids love gross things. They are attracted to it a moth to a flame. Luckily, they play this in their bedrooms a lot, so I don't have to listen to it. 😂The game is actually pretty simple and this is the new and improved version. I guess there were issues with the old version, although I don't know exactly what. A friend who's daughter also loves this game has said that the trigger wore out on his. I assume that's what they have improved other than the actual look of the product (which I actually did notice). 

These games have been keeping the kiddos busy during rainy days or breaks from the sun and heat outside. 

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