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I am always excited to see what each month's Date Night In box will be themed, because I really look forward to our monthly date nights. Especially this time of year, since we are always so busy. This month's theme can be an indoor or an outdoor date and focuses on adventuring together, without ever leaving your house! 

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Summer is officially here, and we are busy little bees in our family. As a matter of fact, we almost didn't have time to get this date night in this month! Oops! At any rate, the theme for the official start of summer is Adventure Together, and immediately when I saw it, I instantly thought of building a blanket fort. I would have loved to have this date night out on our deck, underneath our gazebo, but alas, I need to replace the gazebo canopy and have to wait until the replacement part is back in stock at the company warehouse. *Sigh* So our adventure (if we EVER have time to have it!) will take place in our living room with a blanket tent and lots of pillows. 

As a matter of fact, they were having a contest this month, where you show off your blanket fort from your date night, and you can be entered to win a fun camping prize pack, plus by sharing your photo of this month's box, you can be entered to win an additional free box! Speaking of wining a box, as an ambassador, I'm allowed to give away a certain number of boxes every 6 months, so I think I am going to be giving away a box or two next month! Yay!
Back to this box...

Included were DNIB themed playing cards, Microwave Popcorn On The Cob, Tea Light Candles, I Would/Would Never Cards, and a certificate which states that your date night has been commemorated as a star! 

The star registry is really cool. They give you the coordinates of the star named for your date night, and you can star gaze with your significant other, which is something I have always loved doing. I love everything celestial, so this was a really fun addition for me. 

The tea light candles are obviously to set the mood and I think it's fun that they included those. Typically we light whatever candles we have around the house, which admittedly aren't many since I prefer wax melts to candles and use battery operated lanterns when the electric goes out. 

The microwave popcorn on the cob is actually really interesting. I've never thought of popping an entire corn cob into the microwave to make popcorn, but thinking on it some more, this is actually a really great idea for camping! I did a little research on this because this is entirely new to me, and as it turns out, there is really only one kind of maze that will legitimately turn into popcorn and is typically only used in that manner. That being said, this particular company, and a few others I found, sell this exact type specifically for this purpose. At any rate, we couldn't wait until date night to try this. They give you a bag to pop it in with instructions. We only got about a handful or two of popped corn, where a lot of the kernels stayed on the cob (some popped, some weren't). It says to season the popcorn after it's popped, but I think I would suggest adding maybe a teaspoon of oil or butter to the bag, because obviously the salt or seasoning wasn't going to stay on the popcorn and unless you like your popcorn bland (I actually do), you aren't going to get much flavor from it. The kids thought it was super cool, though. 

There's a few games and the first game (questions included), you and your partner have to answer whether you "would" do that particular thing, or that you "would never", and the cards included for this game are double sided. The second game is a quick card game, and the third is less of a game really, but more questions to ask one another to open up conversation, which as we all know, is vital to a healthy relationship. 

As usual, there is a menu plan for your date night, which I am looking extra forward to because it looks delicious! Dinner menu includes the recipe instructions for a jalapeƱo popper mac and cheese (don't threaten me with a good time!), homemade lemonade, brussel sprout and bacon skewers (I'm not much for sprouts, so I may substitute a different veggie), hand pies with your choice of delicious filling, and a smores popcorn recipe that you can try out with your popped corn on the cob, assuming you were lucky enough to get more then we were from the cob. 

I'm not a camping type of person. I always hated it as a kid, and I hate it just as much now. But, I do love spending time outdoors and spending all hours of the night laying in my yard looking at the stars or sitting around our firepit with my husband after the kids go to bed. This date night is like a nice little camping adventure, without actually camping. For that, I am thrilled! 

I cannot wait to see what next month brings us! Maybe something patriotic? I guess we shall see!

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