Unique Bullet Thermos Bottle, Perfect For Dad!

I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time buying things for the men in my life. Whether it's my dad, my step-dad, my grandpa, my brothers, or even my own husband. Every single one of them are the type that, when they want or need something, they just go get it themselves. This makes it really hard to shop for them come holidays and birthdays. Add to that, that our local area is dead when it comes to places to find unique gifts for literally anyone, much less the men in my life. So I when I found Apollo Box through a Facebook ad, there was a huge sign of relief! 

 The Apollo Box  has unique gifts for everyone. Men, woman, and children. when I say unique, I mean truly unique. I do a lot of shopping in Pittsburgh, which is a pretty big city with every store you can possibly think of, and I've never come across any products remotely close to what Apollo Box sells.  

Now, most of the men in my life are either hunters or just into (SAFE, I assure you!) gun collecting. You can only buy so many tactical aprons, bags, and camo things before it gets old and boring. That's why I was stoked to find this bullet thermos! It just looks so cool and it currently comes in two different colors (gold and military green). It's actually really well made, too, so they can take it to work, or out hunting with them and it'll last years. Although, I will say that the space shuttle seems a little out of place on this, but it's still pretty cool.

Instead of most thermoses, where you can pour whatever you are drinking into the lid as a cup, this one can't really do that because of the shape of the lid. So of course, there is a nice size spout to drink from with an easy open and close tab.

Washing is really easy, which is a must for me, because my husband in particular is kind of gross and will collect at least 6 dirty coffee mugs in his truck before bringing them in to be washed. 😂

This thermos will keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours. Literally half of the day. Huzzah! Or, it will keep your water cold for 12 hours. Which ever you prefer.

Since Father's Day is coming up pretty quickly, I would definitely add this to your gift list for any man (or woman!) in your life. I know my husband absolutely loves his, and now I'm going to have to buy one for each of the other dads in my family. It even came in a fun camo box and they gift wrapped it for me!

As an added bonus, you can save 15% on your purchase (of any item on the site, not just this one!) when you use code AMANDA15 at checkout! 

Sample was received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom


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