Organic Once Again Hazelnut Spread + GIVEAWAY!

We all know the desire to eat hazelnut spread with a spoon. Forget putting it on something, just eat it straight out of the jar! Once Again Hazelnut Spread is the organic version of the more popular brand, and it's tastes jut as good, if not better!

So, I have a confession to make...
I only just recently tried hazelnut spread for the first time. 
I know, right?! 

I don't know how I ever lived without it for so long. My kids eat it on just about everything, but our favorite thing to eat it on is waffles. 

Once Again Hazelnut Spread is a new brand to me, but I immediately fell in love. Once Again holds the highest level of safe quality foods a company could possibly be ranked, which is a level 3. They have the cleanest label for this specific type of product in the industry, which means I know it's certified organic and I don't have to hesitate to let my children eat so much of it. It's fewer calories (that's an epic win in my book), and high in protein, which also means it makes a great addition to my workout smoothies and shakes! 

My son is obsessed with the raccoon mascot and carries him around everywhere. In addition to two jars of the spread, the company sent along a few other goodies, but my favorite was the jar scraper. Coolest item ever! Now I can get in those hard to reach spots in the jar and get every last scoop of spread out. No more wasting delicious spread because you can't reach it in the jar with a regular knife or spoon. And you know, you could use it as a makeshift midnight "hazelnut spread snack" spoon. I'm just sayin'. 

Fun Fact: Their mascot, Rocky, is not only named after the Beatles song Rocky Raccoon, but was inspired by the baby raccoons that were found on the Once Again factory grounds that were raised on organic nut butters before being released back into the wild. 

Once Again Nut Butter Amoré Hazelnut Spread is available to purchase at natural food stores nationwide. To find Once Again Nut Butter Amoré Hazelnut Spread in your area, visit: for the full list of locations.

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Want to win a FREE case of Once Again Hazelnut Spread and a Rocky Raccoon? 

Sweepstakes open from April 24 through May 9 and The winners will be announced during the Once Again Nut Butter Facebook Live on May 10.

Sample was provided to Simply Nerdy Mom to help facilitate this review. 


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