May Degustabox Is Here!

I've been with Degustabox for quite some time and I can honestly say that it's the only package we get regularly that we get super excited for. It's the only subscription box that we have ever got where every single box was a hit. With so much variety, it's hard to get a box where there isn't at least one or two items that you absolutely fall in love with. So check out what came in the most recent box!

I thought maybe this one would have some sort of theme to it, as the past couple did, but this one was right back into their random items with no real theme to it. It's still great, but I did kind of like the themes.

We start off this box with Goya Maria Cookies, which we have tried before and loved. This month I used them to make Once Again Hazelnut Spread Sandwich Cookies for the kiddos to snack on. They are perfect for that. I had intended to use them crunched up as a crust for my homemade strawberry cheesecake I'm making for Mother's Day dinner, but the kids were obsessed with putting the hazelnut spread on them, and they were so good this way!

We got to try out Zaffy Taffy for the first time. The taffy is from the same company that makes after dinner lollipops which are supposed to help clean your teeth. And in case you didn't know, the company was started and run by a 12 year old girl! We've tried the lollipops before and loved them, but the taffy is definitely our favorite. They sent us a sample, but also two coupons for free bags, which we found at our local Walmart. 

More snackies! 
I don't think we have ever tried either of these brands, but we've mentioned before how much we love popcorn. It's usually our go-to snack. So we enjoyed the Popcorn Indiana Kettlecorn. The Deep River chips are new to us this month and they sent sweet maui onion, which was actually pretty good! I hope they end up working with this company more, because we would love to try any new flavors they release. 

I'm already a fan of Cello Whisps. These are a huge hit in my fitness groups for those on Keto, because they are 10g protein and absolutely no carbs since the only ingredient is cheese! That's right, 100% cheese. The cheddar tastes exactly like a cheese-it. I really like these in my tomato soup, but sometimes will put them in garden salads. They are pretty good straight out of the bag as a snack as well. 

Degusta has sent Explore Cuisine products in past boxes and we weren't really interested in those ones. They sent the organic chickpea fusilli this month, and while I'm not a huge chickpea fan, I'm actually considering trying this out. I haven't decided what kind of sauce or additions I am going to include, but I'm thinking maybe grilled chicken, pesto, tomatoes, and spinach. We'll see. 

We've had samples of Rufus Teague barbeque sauce before and like it. It must have been a popular product because this month they sent a full bottle! We've used this already on chicken and it's divine. It is grilling season, after all, so we will be stocking up on this. 

I have yet to try out the Goya Salsa Verde. I'm thinking maybe with some homemade tortilla chips. It smells delicious though and I am obsessed with salsa, so I don't know how we could possible go wrong here. 

Oh breakfast foods, how I love thee. I LOVE when they send boxes of cereal! They have sent so many good flavors in past boxes and it's become one of my favorite things to see in a box. This month they sent Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch in cranberry vanilla and it is sooooo good! I love cranberry! I actually prefer to eat this with yogurt as it ends up being more like a parfait than with milk (I also kind of hate milk, so....), but it's perfect. It's my favorite thing in this month's box. 

They also sent a bottle of Karma water, which is a huge favorite of ours as well. This is a new flavor, which is blueberry lemonade. My husband snagged this one from me because he loves blueberry flavored things, but he had no complaints. We really like that the flavoring is in the cap. It's actually kind of fun to push the button on the cap and watch the flavoring fall down into the water. It's definitely the best flavored water brand we've tried and we have tried every flavor they have so far. I just wish they were easier to find in my town. 

 Intrigued by Degusta Box and want to subscribe (highly recommended!)?

Sample was received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom.


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