Fitting Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein Into My Morning Routine

On my fitness journey, I have tried pretty much every protein shake I could get my hands on. All of them were gross. Which means I had no desire to bother with getting the extra protein I needed to help build muscle. In addition, I'm a mom. One that's stretched way too thin most days. So I need something to help keep me going and let's be honest, some days I need some a little push to do more than just my workout in the morning because that hour can be draining. So yes, sign me up to try Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein smoothies!

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I am obsessed with smoothies. I'll sip smoothies all day if I can. I definitely don't recommend that unless they have some sort of benefits, though, but fruit smoothies are my thing. 

Fuel For Fire Fruit + Protein pretty much gives me every single thing I need for my day. Delicious fruit, 10-12g of protein, less than 125 calories per smoothie, and the best part - convenient pouch!

Since I workout in the morning, I have been drinking these after my workout. You can choose to have them before, but my personal preference is drinking them afterwards. The reason being, is that the protein in them helps to repair and replenish muscles after a hard workout. It also helps keep me feeling full a lot longer, so basically these are my breakfast in the morning and I'm usually good until dinner time. Yes, I skip lunch sometimes (not all the time), but I also load up on veggies as snacks twice a day so that kind of makes up for it. So remember just now when I talked about how I need some sort of push to not get off the elliptical and fall asleep on my floor after a workout? That's also where the protein comes in. Another benefit of it, is that, with the fruit, it also ends up giving me natural energy so I don't have to reach for coffee literally all day long. There's no sugar in Fuel For Fire, so I'm not going to crash and burn around noon from a temporary energy boost that sugar usually gives you. It's more of an all natural energy boost that you get from eating foods that are just better for you in general. 

And I definitely want to mention that these are great for people on Keto because they are only about 15g of carbs!

I will note that while you can drink these at room temp, I highly suggest throwing them in the fridge and drinking them cold. They are much better that way. You could also throw it in the blender with other natural ingredients if you like, but they have a pretty great selection of flavors that are perfect as they are. 

I'll be rocking my Fuel For Fire tank and water bottle while I'm out on the local walkway in the evenings. 

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