Date Night In: Easy Like Sunday Morning

April's Date Night In, is a go!
This month, the theme date is Easy Like Sunday Morning, and yes, now you will have that song in your head as I did for the last few weeks. 

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Sundays happen to be one of my favorite days of the week. It's our lazy day. Aside from getting groceries, it's the day that we usually have big family dinners, laze around the house watching movies, playing games, reading, or putting puzzles together. Actually, the puzzle thing is mostly me. Sundays are the days I usually set up puzzle shop in the dining room with a mug of hot tea and some Elvis playing on Spotify. I'm a simplistic person like that. 

So of course, the idea of a Sunday Date Night was really fun to us. 
And you know, this is one of those fun things where you can have your date night at night (naturally) or in the morning. 

This month's Date Night In box came with pretty much everything that makes a great Sunday morning. Breakfast in bed, tea, the newspaper...

They included two (delicious) waffles, an adorable little jar of syrup, and these Tea Drop things. Tea Drops are flower shaped organic pressed tea that dissolves. Both were citrus ginger. My husband isn't so much of a tea person. I'm the tea lover in the family. He's more of a coffee in the morning guy. The waffles were so good! I added some strawberries and the syrup to them and heated them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, just to warm them up a bit. We loved them. The tea, though, not so much. We stirred and stirred and it didn't dissolve entirely. It left "floaters" in the cup that was kind of gross and turned us off to it completely. No big deal, the breakfast was awesome, though! 

They also included these two essential oil wipes. Now, I'd rather wake up in the morning and share a shower rather than wipe myself down with an essential oil wipe. I just threw these in my purse for when we are on overnight road trips. They will come in handy during the hot days that we are walking through the streets of Baltimore's Inner Harbor or Downtown Pittsburgh and don't have time to run back to the hotel for a mid day refresher. 

There was also a cute little "newspaper" with a dice game, mad libs, cross word puzzle, and a few other fill in things to work on. There were also articles, as well as a date recipe list. This was different since this part usually isn't included in the box, but can be found online along with the date theme specific soundtrack on Spotify. 

We love taking the time to relax after a long week and usually hectic Friday and Saturday. Sundays are our family time days. The verdict? This was a great box! The theme was perfect and definitely something I would have never thought of. We can't wait to see what May's date will be! 

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