#CurrentlySipping: Crazy Cups Coffee Apple Pie A La Mode

Crazy Cups Coffee did it again! They somehow managed to make a flavor that you wouldn't think would be good as a coffee, but ends up knocking your socks off! 

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During the fall, there are two flavors I love. Pumpkin, obviously, and apple are both flavors I love in just about anything. Right, so it's not currently fall, although for a while I think a lot of us skipped a few seasons, but listen, fall flavors can be good year 'round. Pumpkin coffee has been a thing for years, but Crazy Cups somehow managed to make an Apple Pie A La Mode coffee and holy smack is it delicious! 

They sent this box quite a while ago, but since we are in a never ending nightmare that is home remodel, I couldn't even get to my coffee pot. No, seriously. My crock pot and an endless array of other things that are usually in my dining room, have been residing on the kitchen counter in front of my lonely, sad coffee maker. I'm sorry little buddy! 

This box had been sitting on my microwave staring me down for a few weeks, so the other day I took 10 minutes (I'm not kidding) and moved some things around to get to the coffee maker and try it out. I think this is probably the best flavor they have ever come up with and this is no exaggeration. It tastes exactly like an apple pie! Add some vanilla creamer and oh hey! There's your ice cream on top!

I really needed my beloved coffee this week. It was a fun, but exhausting, weekend in Pittsburgh at 3 Rivers Comic Con (and shopping, of course) with my husband. 

I got very few photos because I was just too busy looking things over and chatting with people to bother with my phone, but look! It's Mater! 

So now that we are back from our long weekend, I am trying to get caught up on work (and workouts), plus the renovations. I'm swamped at the moment. It's great, however, to be able to take a few moments to enjoy my Crazy Cups Coffee again. And now that warmer weather is here, it's time to start brewing over ice again! 

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