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I am loving The Happy Family Box! I don't know how they do it, but each month gets better and better! My little family has been having a lot of fun doing family projects and working together. It's been a fantastic bonding experience and the kiddos always learn new things. 

The next habit of happy families is working together, so that was the theme of April's Happy Family Box

Week number 1 has us working together as a family on household chores. I know how hard it can be to get kids to help out around the house or even do the routine things they need to do for themselves every day, like brushing their teeth before bed or wrangling them into the tub after a long day of playing outside. Week 1 came with a few items that make those tasks a bit more fun for kiddos and much easier for us parents. They included shiny gems to hide around the house for your children to find while doing chores. They are kind of like a little scavenger hunt or hidden prize for completing a task. For example, you could hide one in a dresser drawer for your kiddo to find while they put their folded clothes away. They also included color tablets that you drop into bath water, making it a little more enticing to get those kiddos into the tubby after a long day of playing outside in the dirt. You just drop one into the bath water and as it dissolves, it will turn the water a different color without staining your child's skin. The third item is a packet of GUM tablets. Basically what these do, is show your child spots they miss when they brush their teeth. You have them brush like normal, then chew one of these flavored tablets which will leave red on areas that they didn't brush well. It is a visual aid for them to see how easy it is to miss spots and how important it is to take time to get every nook and cranny. Of course, then they can brush the red off their teeth afterwards. 

Wee number 2 focuses on working together to clean the community and I don't know about you, but mine definitely needs it! Especially after some really heavy winds and typically during this time of year you find all kinds of garbage has blown next to the roads and through the park because of the winds and winter weather. They included a garbage bag (which is scented - and I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with the smell of it), wrist bands for each member of the family, and a cute little claw to pick up garbage. Realistically, it's not very practical as I would imagine you would want longer ones, but my kids love it and I've found them using it to pick up candy wrappers and small garbage to throw away through the house, so it's a start!

The 3rd and final week is my favorite. They give you the materials to build and paint your very own bird house (includes birdseed!), as well as the items to plant some marigolds. My children are already into gardening since we have both a flower garden as well as a veggie garden that they help with each year, but in this case, instead of a family garden, they will be able to grow and tend to their very own flowers because there is enough here for each of them. 

The family book this month is this absolutely gorgeous ABC book which has full colored photographs of items found in nature. I am obsessed with this book and it really doesn't matter how old your children are, the photos alone are lovely to look at. There is even a glossary in the back that gives more information on each item in the book, so it's a great educational book all around. 

It's hard to choose a favorite page in this book, but this is one of them. There are a few different items and photographs for each letter. 

And last, but not least, is the parent gift this month, which was Lindor chocolates and a $5 coupon towards Mother's Day books. I mean, hey, even if they took away the chocolate, I would still be stoked about the coupon towards books, but chocolate AND books? Be still my heart! 

 The Happy Family Box is a must for all families! It gives us all fun projects and activities to do together on Sunday afternoons each week and my children adore everything about it, and so do my husband and I. 

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  1. What a beautiful and fun box full of ideas!😉 I hope the kiddy-winks enjoyed it! xoxo


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