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We have been busy, busy, busy the past two months now that spring is coming and we are gearing up for spring and summer road trips and activities. But, we did manage to find a few moments to do some activities in the March Happy Family Box. 

Last month, I talked about how The Happy Family Box was a perfect "date night" box for the entire family. It brings everyone together and you have the chance to spend quality time together as well as just learning how to be a happier family unit all together by following the 9 Habits of Happy Families Guide. March's theme was Laugh Together and it focused mainly on projects and activities that would get the whole family giggling and having fun. 

There are 3 projects in each box, along with a book for everyone to sit down and read together and even a parent gift (mostly aimed at mom's but dad's can enjoy them, too!) that have the box theme. 

Project number one in March was making a cute leprechaun trap. This was the first time we had done something like this, but my kiddos loved it so much! As usual, you get everything you need to make this, but you could add your own spin to it by using other craft supplies you may have. The idea is to build a trap with hopes to catch the leprechaun and get some of his gold. 

We painted the top of our Happy Family Box with green paint. The kids then used the stickers provided to decorate it as well as the cut out rainbow on the front. We propped it open with a cute rainbow straw. As bait, you are supposed to sprinkle the gold glitter, but any parent knows that would be a nightmare to clean. So, we just left the little bottle of gold for our Lucky the leprechaun. My daughter also wrote him a little note. 

On Saint Patrick's Day, the kiddos woke up to the trap closed, balloons and streamers scattered everywhere, and a box of Lucky Charms. Inside the trap, instead of a leprechaun, they found gold coins, chocolates, and a letter from Lucky about how clever they were, but to try again next year. It was a huge hit and I think it had become a new family tradition for us. 

Project number two was a Minute to Win it type game package. There were all the accessories needed for a few different games with the exception of one or two items that everyone generally have around the house. We still have not had a chance to do these activities as a family, but the kids have had fun playing them with each other. 

April Fools day and Easter somehow landed on the same day this year, so I decided to scatter project number three's items through out the month. For fun April Fools day pranks, they included a slime egg to fool your child into thinking a real egg had been dropped on the floor or table, blue Jell-o and straws to fool your children into thinking it's a blue juice in their cup, and food dye used on faucets to make your children think the water has changed color when faucets are turned on. I was a little leery of the food coloring one, though. We have white porcelain sinks, which are impossible to clean food coloring, Kool-aid, tea, coffee...pretty much everything, off of. So as a personal preference, I chose not to do that one. However, my kids were hysterical over the slime egg and fake juice!  

March's book happened to be a cute and funny little story about donuts and what our favorite pastry snack does once the bakery closes up shop for the day. There were giggles from my children as we read through this book and they keep reading it by themselves over and over again. 

The parent gift in this box was a epsom salt cake in lavender scent, which I allowed my daughter to use because she loves that sort of thing. 

I still truly believe that The Happy Family Box is a must for all families! It gives us all fun projects and activities to do together on Sunday afternoons each week and my children adore everything about it, and so do my husband and I. 

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