March's Date Night In Box - Blind Date

It's Date Night In again, and this month, we are going on a "Blind Date". 
This box was creatively curated towards bringing couples closer using all senses except sight. 

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Hubby and I are getting closer to the time of year when we have exactly zero time for a date night. Granted, most of our weekends away are counted as date nights, but a large number of those weekends away are press trips, which means I'm actually working. Aside from dinner together while on these trips, the only time we have is when we get back to the hotel room and hit up the Jacuzzi in our suite. Bow chicka wow wow. 

At any rate, I think the next couple of Date Night In boxes will actually end up being "Date Night In Our Hotel Room Boxes", which, if I'm being honest, is going to be even more fun if you ask me!

March's date box theme was Blind Date. I know you are looking at this photo and are thinking the exact same thing my husband and I thought when we opened the box, which was "Oh things are about to get kinky up in here!" 

In all honesty, the box theme is much more mild than it looks, although, I'd be lying if I said we weren't going to reuse a lot of this for....other things. 

All Date Night In Boxes have everything you need included in the box, so we don't have to worry about going to the store and gathering supplies for these. However, in addition to what is included, you do have other optional add-ons to set the mood, like a Spoitfy playlist and a full menu to match the box theme.

This month was a bit different. Instead of a music playlist, there was guided audio (with fun background music).

So I know you are dying to find out exactly what all those kinky goodies were for, right?

Well, the date started out with each of us taking turns wearing the blindfold and attempting to draw a scene on the white board. At first we were prompted to just draw a beach scene, but then we switched to drawing each other based on just touch and only allowing our partner to touch a minimal amount of times and for only a few seconds.

The second part of the date, we used the masking tape to make a little obstacle course through out the room, and we had to guide our blindfolded partner through the course. A main aspect of both of these activities is working together and a lot of it is like putting trust in your partner. It's kind of a metaphor. Think of it as, when you are in a relationship sometimes you feel like you are walking blindly, but together you can guide each other through whatever obstacle you come across. I really like that, and it's a great activity regardless of how long you've been together.

There were some questions to open up discussion, but skipped right into the next part which was blind folded cotton candy tasting. In this activity, we fed each other the cotton candy while blindfolded and described the taste as well as just savored the moment, literally and figuratively. Truly the only "kinky" part of the entire date night was when we were prompted to place the cotton candy some place on our body and allow our blindfolded partner to find it, using their mouth. Luckily, that was at the very end of the date night, or else I doubt we would have got to much else.

The lip balm didn't really factor into the date night prompts themselves, but it was more of a little gift. And hey, when was the last time you and your partner put on some good lip balm and made out all night like teenagers? Personally, it's my favorite part of any date night!

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  1. ooooh loved the theme of this month's date night in. Dang it I should of got this one instead of the kids night in LOL


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