#CurrentlySipping: Crazy Cups Coffee Blueberry Blast

Busy, busy, busy. That's my life this time of year. Despite hardly having time to even breathe, I always have to make sure I have some time for a cup of coffee each morning. 

So this time of year, we are pretty busy between cookouts, parties, conventions, and family road trips and vacations. On top of our usual spring and summer time busy activities, we are also biting off a bit more than we can chew by deciding to update multiple rooms in our house at once. I haven't even got a workout in, in weeks. I just wake up, get my daughter off to school, and start right in on working on the updates or up until a few days ago, working on our seedlings for our garden this year. 

The garden takes up enough of my time as it is. We have a veggie garden that we decided to make a little bigger this year, so we have twice the amount of starters than last year. I also purchased something around 80 flower bulbs for the flower gardens around the house, 4 boxwood bushes, three tree starters (one cypress, one weeping cherry, and one black gum), over 100 succulents for in pots on the front porch and back deck, 5 bonsai trees, and a blueberry bush. All of these are being grown inside the house for now, until Pennsylvania weather decides to cooperate and become aware that it's now spring. 

Speaking of blueberry, that's actually the flavor of coffee I've been sipping on this month! My husband is a huge blueberry fan. If it's blueberry flavor, he'll eat or drink it. That's one of the reasons we bought a blueberry bush. We go through a lot of blueberries during the warmer months. My son eats them by the handfuls. Long before we ever had a Keurig, we use to buy a specific brand of ground coffee in blueberry flavor. Once we switched to a Keurig, we discovered that this brand, while they did sell Kcups, never made them in the blueberry flavor, which bummed the hubby out.

We just discovered the Blueberry Blast flavor from Crazy Cups Coffee last month, and it's been our morning wake up every day since then. Universe knows, I definitely need coffee in the morning to get through my day, especially with so much to do lately. As a matter of fact, I just stopped sanding down my kitchen walls for a moment to write up this post. 

Busy, busy, busy!

Of course, you know the one thing I love most about Crazy Cups, besides the flavors, is that it's zero calories! Obviously, if you add sugar and creamer, you're going to add calories to it, but the coffee itself, black, is zero calories. I love that so much! 

At any rate, break time is over and I desperately need another cup of coffee before I dive back into this mess of sanding dust. Updates on the home improvement process will be coming soon! 

Sample was received for promotional purpose. All opinions are that of Simply Nerdy Mom.


  1. I love this!☺️ I'm glad I'm not the only one who is constantly on her toes. It's exhausting isn't it!!
    Great post darling as per usual. xoxo


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