Better Mental Health: How I Get Professional Therapy Sessions Without Leaving My Home

Sometimes we get overwhelmed; with life, with feelings, with our mental health in general. Most times, it really does help to talk it out with someone. The problem with that, is some people don't have anyone to talk to, or if you do, you just prefer to keep family and friends out of it because you may be afraid of what they might have to say. Sometimes all we really need is a listening ear, right? 

So what happens after you finally decide to talk to someone, but your anxiety and depression is so bad, that it prevents you from leaving your home most days? Luckily, there's a solution, and that solution is online therapy. 

Believe it or not, you can speak to a real life, licensed therapist anytime, from anywhere. Online services now make it easy to get in touch with a qualified psychologist, and many health insurers now offer good coverage for psychological issues. Basically this means that not only is it convenient, but it's now affordable as well. No excuses. You can get counseling for any issue, anytime, anywhere. 

I know for me personally, I hold a lot of things in. Most times, I hold it all in until I explode (so to speak). It's unhealthy for not only myself, but my friends and family. My husband usually knows when I have things on my mind, but I just prefer not to talk about them because I always feel like I'm burdening him (or others) with my problems. This is especially true if I feel like my problems are minuscule in comparison to others. Also, sometimes I just want someone to listen, and while I know my friends and family mean well, when I do open up, I typically get advice I didn't ask for. 

As a mom, I know I need to be healthy and happy for not only myself, but my family as well. A group is only as good as it's leader, right? Well this is true in a family and relationship dynamic as well.

My biggest problem is that I have severe social anxiety. A lot of that stems from a particularly traumatizing experience I went through. Because of this, leaving my house isn't always the easiest. I will sometimes have full panic attacks just thinking about going to a doctors appointment that isn't even for me. So I definitely will have a rough time sitting in a waiting room with strangers, and then coming face to face with another stranger that I need to unload my problems onto. However, I have no problem communicating online with others. I am most comfortable in that type of situation because I am the one in control and I can walk away whenever I am too overwhelmed. 

The ability to speak to a professional from the comfort of my own home, on my terms, is not only intriguing, but preferable to me. And you know what? If I don't like my assigned councilor for any reason, they can and will reassign me a new one. I can mange everything online from my account. This means that I am in control, which eases my mind and makes things so much easier on me. 

So would I suggest online therapy? Certainly! Although it might not be for everyone, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot. 


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