April Degustabox Unboxing

I've spoke about road trip season quite frequently lately, because it's my favorite time of year, and guess what this month's Degustabox ended up being themed?

A post or two back I literally wrote about how this time of year we stock up on road trip snacks because we are in our truck pretty much every weekend, off on some type of adventure. Some days the adventure is planned, most days it's spontaneous. I like to try and stock up on snacks and drinks that we can just grab and go with us or keep in the vehicle instead of stopping at Sheetz before we depart. It cuts down on time, especially when we are heading out of state and have to leave super early when it's still dark outside.

Degustabox this month was full of road trip snacks. Some of which we already have tried, but some were new to us. 

Boom Chicka Pop has come in quite a few boxes and we are popcorn lovers. These little snack bags are perfect travel size, and depending on what flavor you choose are only about 110 calories per bag. So, if you are like me, and dread trying to eat healthy while on trips, you don't have to feel guilty about snacking with these!

I think we got this in another box, but my family wasn't diggin' these. They have a great crunch to them, but we just didn't care for the flavor. This is actually the only way we have ever tried a plantain, so I don't know, maybe we would actually like them in different circumstances, but not as a chip. 

I have come across ads on Facebook for these and have been meaning to look for them, but I was kind of unsure about them. They are still pretty new so I don't even know anyone who's tried them. Thanks to Degustabox, we got a chance to. I have to say, I typically hate cheese curls because of the styrofoam texture and taste to them, which is what I prepared myself for with these. And while they do still have that texture, the taste was actually pretty good! I thought they tasted like peanut butter bread. I would definitely purchase these again! 

You want a way to get your kids to eat or drink their veggies? Pick up some of this Zeigler's juice. My son is a veggie eater to begin with, luckily, but my daughter isn't and she drank this no problem. She had no idea. My son also liked it. It's much better ice cold, and even better as a smoothie with other chosen ingredients. I'm not sure I would take this on a road trip unless you plan to drink it pretty quickly while it's still cold, or at the very least bring a cooler, but it's another item I would purchase again. 

So, my husband is the jerky connoisseur in the family and while I'm the one who likes spicy things, I have always hated spice paired with something that is usually sweet. Like, don't come at me with your habanero chocolates. Gross. However, we went ahead and tried this mango habanero beef jerky from Country Archer. Not a fan. The jerky is the perfect texture, and the spice kicks in after a bit - not straight from the bite, but I just couldn't do the mango. Nope. Had it just been habanero jerky, I would have probably consumed this entire package myself. My husband would have preferred nothing spicy and probably would have been fine with mango flavored jerky, which is kind of weird still, but he's not a spicy food person. 

This is another thing that I wouldn't really consider a road trip snack. Maybe you could make it ahead and pack it as a picnic lunch, but not so much something you could eat while driving. The Barbacoa has such a delicious aroma to it and flavor to match. It's incredible. And I typically hate lime in things other than my beverages, but it was only a tiny hint of lime so it was still pretty good. Add this to the list of things I will be purchasing again as well. 

Oh candy. Who goes on a road trip and doesn't snack on candy, right? All of these were new things that we hadn't tried yet. Unfortunately, I knew these wouldn't make it to road trip stock. The kids and hubby dug into these before I even finished photographing the rest of the box. And yes, the kids were all sugared up before hubby and I dropped them off at my parents for date night later that evening. 😂
Hey, better them be hyper and sugared up at my mom's house than in our vehicle on a 6 hour road trip! My personal favorite is the Fini Shock Tongues. Then again, that was all I had a chance to taste. Thanks kids and hubby. 

I've tried alo juice before and so I already knew I liked this item. It does take some time to get used to; an acquired taste really, as it has chunks of aloe in it. Previously I had only considered aloe to be something you put on burns, not really something you would eat or drink, but it turns out that it has a ton of benefits and it's actually really delicious. My hubby wasn't fond of the raisins, but I loved them. I know raisins aren't for everyone, but hey, I'm one of the weird few that actually like them. On the other hand, my husband loved the chewie fruities while I wasn't fond of those. They tasted like chewy cough drops to me, probably because of the honey in them, but my husband ate the entire package. 

Some hits and misses in this month's box, but that's the fun of it! We love getting to try products and brands that are brand new to stores and even classic brands that we just haven't found or thought to try.

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