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I am very big into quality family time. My husband and I spend as much time as possible with our children on various things both individually as well together. I believe that quality family time, without electronic distractions, is important to growth and development mentally, emotionally, and physically. So I can definitely get behind a company that makes it fun and easy to be one big happy family.

I just found out about The Happy Family Box quite recently. They sent me a box to check out and right from the start I could tell that this is a quality subscription box.

Let me start by telling you that The Happy Family Box is like a date night box, but for families. There are 3 projects (one for each week of the month after you receive your box), a book, and a special gift for mom (or dad- I fully believe dad's matter, too). Each box has a theme which focuses on one of the 9 habits of happy families. February's box was the habit Love Together. 

There are two options to fit your budget and family. The Happy Family Box (Regular) is $29.99 per month and The Happy Family Box (Lite) is $14.99 per month. The only difference is that the Lite box contains 1 book and 1 activity, but will still focus on the same concepts. 

This is the regular box, which you can see is packed full of goodies. This particular one was pretty heavy, but you'll see why here in a moment. 

They packaged it really nicely. Much nicer than my photo shows, but I had forget to snap a photo before sifting through the box.

They include a little booklet with the 9 Habits outlined as well as a reference guide for each month's theme. One great idea for this is you can take that month't theme and use it to plan some sort of outing around it. It doesn't even have to cost money. For October's theme of learning together, you could visit your local library. For work together, you could visit a local farm and volunteer to help feed the animals. These are just some examples, but you can really make it work for you and your family.

Of course, there's a handy guide to everything that is included in your box.

Each activity is divided into weeks and stored in these zip top bags. This is extremely handy as pretty much everything you need is right there in the bag, which is labeled with the week number. you get the instructions along with other things. It will tell you in the instructions if you will need items that are not included, but for the most part, everything you need is there or something you most definitely will already have laying around your house, like scissors or glue/tape. 

The first activity in the Love Together box is this adorable mailbox project. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow along with and they even included a pretty good amount of paper cards and envelopes as well as novelty stamps. The idea is to write a loving, uplifing message to a specific member of the family, or to the family as a whole, and stick it in the mailbox. You could then set a specific time each week to sit down and read the messages out loud as a family. Kids love receiving mail and they love to know that they are appreciated and doing well. Praise for good behavior or habits makes them feel good, which in turn makes them want to continue that behavior or habit. So a simple, yet fun message not only lets them know you are proud of them, but uplifts their spirits. 

Another project was the Service Dinosaurs. These little wooden dinos serve as a token of good deeds. Your child can have fun decorating them, then once they are decorated, you use them to mark any time that kindness is shown. When a family member secretly does something kind for another member of the family, like folding the laundry or making a bed, they leave behind a dino. The family member that the secret kindness was shown to will then do something kind for another member and then leave behind the dino, and so on and so forth. 

The third activity is one of the reasons this box was so heavy. It's a sharing plate and package of cookies. The idea behind this project is that, as a family you bake the cookies and then use the stamper to stamp positive messages into the cookies. You then decorate the cookie plate with a message to pass along the kindness. Your family then delivers the plate and the cookies to a neighbor, family member, or friend. It's then up to the person who receives the sharing plate to pass it along with bakes goodies to the next person of their choosing. The hope is that kindness and love be spread far and wide. It's also a really nice tradition to start with your family.  

This month's book is called Full of Empty. It's essentially about a princess that is very lonely, but the message is an important one and that's how much a child needs love and positive attention from a parent. It's purpose is to remind parents that that playing with their children is a very important form of love. One that helps them grow and nurture.

The parent gift in this box is also a book, and it's called Drops of Awesome which is a journal inspired by the popular blog post. This journal helps you to see the good in your life every day. There are uplifting quotes and illustrations along with space for your own positive thoughts to remind you that you are so much more than one bad day.

I love this box so much. I believe in this whole heartedly and think that more families need adopt the 9 habits of happy families. I absolutely recommend The Happy Family Box.

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