The Escape Book

Escape rooms have been extremely popular within the last few years. They started out as computer games played on the internet and have morphed into physical attractions you can visit and play with friends and family. But what do you do if you still can't get enough escape room? You pick up The Escape Room Book! 

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The Escape Room Book by Ivan Tapia is the very first book based on the popular puzzle games.
The premise is that you are a journalist trapped in a labyrinth for exposing a corrupt businessman. To escape, you must solve puzzles, optical illusions, conundrums, and anagrams. It's definitely a book for any and all puzzle lovers. 

The puzzles in the book are all jumbled and in order to proceed, you must solve each puzzle first. At the end of each chapter, you will find a golden padlock symbol. This indicates that it's time to return back to the chapter and solve the puzzles that lie within in. Once you solve the puzzle, you will have a code number. This code number is the page in which you need to proceed to next. There is a space at the end of the chapter, under the padlock, to write in the page number so that if you need to stop and put the book down, you can remember which page to go to next. Of course, this book can be played multiple times if you choose. All you would have to do is keep a sheet of paper in the book in which to write page numbers on and just keep it in the book as a bookmark in the chapter you are currently on. This way, you can keep track, but don't necessarily have to write in the book. Doing it that way, will allow you to play over and over again, or pass the book along to a friend to play.

If you are having difficulty solving the puzzle, there will be a page number at the end of the chapter with clues to help you solve it. There are 5 clues for each puzzle and the full solution with next page number is on the back of the clue page.

The Escape Room Book is not only a thrilling story, but a fun interactive puzzle as well.

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