Glitteratzi Lip Sparklers by Hard Candy

Hard Candy has been releasing first looks into their new Spring line and among those items are the Glitteratzi Lip Sparklers and the colors are marvelous. 

Not only are the lip glosses in really cute, glittery packaging, but the handles on the gloss are very "punky".  

These lip sparklers aren't thick like a regular lip gloss and are in fact more like a colored water. When wearing them on your lips alone, they do make your lips feel pretty dry. If you do choose to wear them alone, I would suggest applying coconut oil or some type of lip balm to moisturize before applying these. 

Initially when I did swatches on my hand of the three I received, They came out really nice by themselves. Of course, they are going to show up differently on your lips. It's more of a subtle shine when worn alone. When worn with your favorite lip color, it gives a really nice shimmer pop. 

Glitteratzi Lip Sparklers come in 7 colors and I am obsessed with Spark and Galactic, but to be perfectly honest, I'm digging all of them. 

I don't normally photograph my press kit when I receive PR packages, however, I just had to show you all this really great photo they included in my press kit. It reminds me of a dragon or a mermaid, but it's just one of the looks you can do with these lip sparklers. These also pair rather nicely with the Hard Candy Galactic Eyes pallet that is in the new Spring line as well!

Hard Candy Glitteratzi Lip Sparklers are available at Walmart and for Spring 2018.

Samples provided in exchange for honest, unbiased review. 


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