Doodle Art by Crafty Kizzy

We are huge crafters and my kiddos especially love it. It keeps them busy and they have a sense of accomplishment when they are being creative and show off their finished projects. They also really love giving their projects to family members. We had a chance to try out Doodle Art by Crafty Kizzy and here's what we received. 

Doodle Art Cards by Crafty Kizzy are cute little packages with two cards and everything you need to decorate and send them out. This is mostly geared towards children, however, as an adult I too enjoy these, so I would consider them an "all ages" project.

The first thing we noticed about this was how nicely it was packaged. Even the packaging can be used for future projects, which I really enjoy. It's always a plus when things are reusable. Also, I may have got a little too excited when I saw the Lisa Frank bag that everything came in. My 90
s girl heart went wild over that.

They include a list of everything included in your kit, which for this particular kit was 2 black and white coloring cards, 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 2 gel pens, 2 mini wash tape rolls, plus extras. There's also info on ordering. 

The cards are adorable with full color backs that have space to write a message to your card recipient. 

There was a note in my kit that said for holidays they like to include other extra items in addition to what is usually included. In ours there was a balloon Lisa Frank valentine (there goes my 90's heart again), and a cute little monster button. There were also lots of stickers which is another thing we love in our house. Both my children as well as myself have sticker books that we collect various stickers in. 

Both kiddos had a fun time sitting down on a Friday night and decorating cards for their grandma and grandpa. They used the washi tape and stickers to decorate the envelopes and the little rhinestone stickers on the cards themselves. 

This box reminds me of My Craft Club, which is no longer available, but was my all time favorite monthly crafting box. Suffice to say, this is a really good replacement and we will definitely be ordering multiple months for the kiddos!

You have the option of placing a one time order, or you can place an order for 3 months delivered 1 month at a time. Have multiple children? No problem! You can order kits for two or three children both monthly as well as one time purchases. 

Want to see more about this kit, my thoughts, and a silly video bomb by my 5 year old? 
Watch my unboxing video!

In addition to the Doodle Art packages, Crafty Kizzy also really amazing premade (customizable) cards, invitations, art prints, party decor,  and more on their site! 

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This product was received as a sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. 


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