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No matter if you've only been dating a short time, or have been married for decades, date nights are important. With life's busy schedule, sometimes it's hard to find time to connect. Date Night In Boxes help you do just that from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. 

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Relationships are like plants. You need to take special care to make them grow and once they are grown, they need to be maintained. Relationships are a lot of work sometimes, but the benefits are very rewarding. 

My husband and I have been together for 13 years. We've been married for going on 12 years. One of our secrets to a strong, happy marriage is setting aside time to connect with each other; to put aside all devices and really spend quality time together. Of course, we know how hard that is with such little time and having two kids. We do get the rare occasion when we go out for dinner or a movie, and of course there are our convention trips, but those are few and far between. We like to have a date night at least once a month. So often, our date nights are spent at home, late at night, once the children are tucked into bed and fast asleep. We've done indoor picnics, movie or Netflix marathons, sitting around our fire pit just talking, and even doing puzzles and playing board games together. But even I'll admit, that sometimes we run out of ideas for creative date nights. Pinterest is a good resource for ideas, but then you need to go shopping for all the supplies and fun stuff. The solution is a Date Night In Box!

Date Night In boxes are delivered to your door each month with everything you need to organize the perfect at home date night. They even provide you with the shopping list, menu, and recipes for a meal that matches the theme of that month's date as well as a Spotify playlist to set the mood!! It truly does not get any easier than that. 

February's box actually arrived on Valentine's Day and it's theme was Delivered With Love. 
In the box you will find a hand guide book which will detail the items in the box and give instruction on how to use them. This box was kind of like a European adventure without leaving your home.

How long has it been since you've sat down and hand written a note to your love? For us, it's been a long time. In our early years, I would leave him notes with his lunch in the mornings before he would go to work, or before I would go to work, and he would do the same. We would leave post it notes around the house (that's actually how I told him I was pregnant with our first baby - a scavenger hunt). Now, I send him little love "texts" through out the day, but hand written notes are rare since we just don't have that kind of time. Honestly, this is one of those things where I think you should make time for. This box kind of prompts you to set aside the time and compose an old fashion love letter to your significant other. 

The entire box is essentially an "escape room" game. They give you clues in each of the envelopes, but if you get stuck, there is the option of going online for a little help. I always love things like this. 

I absolutely love the Love Languages Quiz. A long, long time ago, when we were still dating, we purchased and "All About Us" book that we filled out together. It helped us get to know each other better as individuals and as a couple. We still have the book and look back on it every year on our anniversary. So this quiz was a great way for us to see how things may have changed through the last 13 years and see how well we know each other in different aspects. 

They provided two notepads and pens, which can be used to write your love letters, with your quiz, or to take notes to help you along your "escape room" journey that the whole box is focused around. 

I really loved the role playing cards they included. Hubby and I cosplay a lot, so pretending to be characters is a pretty regular thing. At least, dressing up as characters is. This takes it one step farther and gives you a personality to play around with. There are two female cards and two male cards to choose from, each providing a name age, and description to help you become that character. 

The chocolate crepes were delicious! They are basically a French version of a pancake with chocolate inside. We went through these pretty quickly. 

This is my first box as an ambassador, but so far, I love it! I think it's going to be fun to share these unique date nights with all of you.

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  1. I love this box idea. Subscription boxes are becoming more and more fun.


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