Currently Reading: Ghost Bully by Brian Corley

Ghost Bully by Brian Corley is a comic-paranormal story of a roomate from hell. Literally.

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Jonah Preston just bought a new house with his friend Max, but he never anticipated the bombshell that his new neighbor has just dropped on him - the previous owner had died by suicide in that house. And of course, he finds this out the day he moved in. Maybe he should have done more research before signing the papers. At any rate, he thinks nothing of it, maybe it won't be so bad. 

Just as quickly as he finds out about his new home's history, the ghost makes itself known and he's not happy with his new house guests at all. When Jonah wakes up dead, he knows exactly who's to blame - the former owner, Willard Hensch. 

Now that he's dead, Jonah begins a new chapter in his (after)life which includes befriending angels, fighting demons, and taking on an army of ghosts. 


I just started this book, but already I am having a hard time putting it down. I have giggled quite a bit while reading it and it kind of puts me in the mind of the Hulu series Deadbeat with it's comedic presence and paranormal storyline. I even picture actor Tyler Labine while reading. I haven't decided yet if Tyler would play Max or Jonah in a movie version of this book, but I just see him as the perfect person for this story. 

You can read along with me! Purchase Ghost Bully today!


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