Paletteful Pack Sneak Peek!

If you are an artist or crafter, you are going to love Paletteful Pack; a monthly subscription box of art supplies and creative projects for adults and even kids! 

Artistic ability and creativity runs pretty deep in my family. My uncle learned to paint from watching Bob Ross and his painting are incredible. My aunt, my mother, my cousin - all artists. My cousin has actually made it her career! My brother is great at interior decorating. My other cousins are creative musically. It's in my blood. My husband and brother-in-law are also creative types including making their own costumes for conventions, so needless to say, my children are as well. How could they not be, right? 

We actually have a huge cabinet completely full of craft and art supplies. That being said, as with books, I don't really feel you can ever have too many supplies. This is especially true if you have children. I made the decision early on to keep stock in art supplies not only for school projects, but for summer or weekend fun projects as well. And it works!

Paletteful Packs are monthly boxes delivered to your door with all the supplies you need to create beautiful works of art. 

January's box came with a lot of really great, high quality products in my opinion. You can see on the card that was included in the box what came in this box and also that each item really goes well with each other. They included a small back canvas with can be used with the metallic paints that were also included. There's a blank long box, which I haven't decided on what to do with yet. It fits brushes in it, but also pens and pencils, or maybe even jewelry. The real creative in me is considering gluing a coffin shaped front onto it, and painting it up like a coffin to use as decoration for Halloween. 

I also received a mini canvas and frame set and wood panel. I know I want to try transferring a photo onto the wood panel, but I think I'm going to use the canvas and frame set for a project for my kiddos to do. Last year for Valentine's Day, we took small canvases this size and they painted hearts onto them. Once the hearts dried, we glued mini skeleton keys onto the canvas in the center of the heart. The kids gave them to their great grandma for Valentine's Day. It was a cute project and I even made a bigger version to decorate the house with. 

Among the items was this black spiral bound sketch book, a stencil, and stencil brush. I'm going to be honest, I've been needing a new sticker book. YES, I am a 33 year old woman with a sticker collection. I haven't advanced much farther than the 80's. A kid at heart. My other idea for it is to take it to conventions with me and collect sketches in it from various artists. Depending on what I use it for, will determine how I decorate the cover. 

The final items in the box were, of course, the paint in metallic colors, two more brushes, and a palette. That metallic blue is everything, in my opinion. It's so pretty! And I know for a fact that the other colors will come in really handy when we work on steampunk accessories for costumes. 

Love, love, LOVE this entire box. 

Everything was packaged quite well and attractively. They certainly crammed a lot of supplies into that little box. It's really rather impressive. 

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