Love Your Hair Again With Frizz Ease by John Frieda

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I really do. I feel like it has a lot of potential, but it always wants to give me problems. You see, I have naturally wavy hair; type 2B to be exact. When it goes right naturally, it's great. However, that doesn't ever seem to happen too often. So I'm one of those wavy hair ladies who straightens my hair literally every single day. Obviously, that takes it's toll on my locks and can make them far worse off. So I make sure I have an arsenal of hair care products to help me love my locks again. 

John Frieda has always been my go-to product. And listen, I'm not just saying that because I've worked with them a time or two. I actually really do use John Frieda products frequently and have for years. Frizz Ease products are magical. I like to refer to my hair as "combination". You know, kind of like combination skin. The makeup of it could go either way, so I need products to target multiple hair types; wavy AND straight. I need products that are going to tackle the frizz, which happens while my hair is both naturally wavy and heat straightened. I also need products that are going to protect my hair from styling and heat and also help repair the years of damage I've done to it. 

Daily Nourishment Leave In Conditioner is at the top of my product list. I spray this through my damp hair straight out of the shower and it helps bring moisture back into my hair and keep it looking healthy. Of course, the main use for this is to replace regular conditioner when you just don't have time to go through the full routine, but I've used it in addition to my in shower conditioner. 

After the conditioner, I always use the Frizz Ease 6 effect serum. I apply this mostly to my ends to lock moisture in and help protect them from damage when I blow dry my hair and then proceed to use a flat iron on it. My hair stays silky smooth and soft. It just looks and feels so much healthier, which always impresses people since I'm known to damage the heck out of my hair with heat products and dyes. You can follow this up with Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil, also on the ends, or use it to tame fly aways and what-not. This stuff lasts a few days so you are good to go for a while. This product actually goes with me on trips because it fits in my bag and I can use it when the weather wants to threaten my blow out with some rain or humidity. It keeps frizz central at bay. 

Frizz Ease Air Dry Waves is a little miracle in a bottle on days when I can't commit to blow drying and flat ironing. Or days when I just need to give my hair a break. I just smooth it through my damp hair, straight out of the shower, and let it air dry. Usually this leads to disaster if I'm not using some type of product, but Air Dry Waves keeps my naturally beachy waves from frizzing out all over the place and making me look like a poodle. It's light weight also, so it still helps hold body. 

Frizz Ease Secret Weapon is great for touch-ups when my hair is both natural and straight. It keeps  everything real smooth. I no longer have a problem with static hair because of these products, I'll tell you that much!

*Disclosure: This product was received as a sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. No monitory compensation was received and I was not required to write a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising


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