#CurrentlySipping: Crazy Cups Snickerdoodle!

This weather has been wearing me down something fierce. In addition to the gloomy weather and just my busy schedule in general, I have been staying up pretty late at night reading. Oh yeah, I'm going back to my childhood when I would pull all nighters finishing books left and right; hammering out one right after the other. So needless to say, I have a huge problem keeping my eyes open during the day and I need that caffeine more than ever!

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This month's Crazy Cups flavor is Snickerdoodle! Oh sweet baby cats, this flavor is delicious. snickerdoodles are my second favorite cookie (after peanut butter, of course). It's actually kind of funny, really, because I spend my holidays noshing on snickerdoodles and have spent the last month trying to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle; eating better and being active. Aside from a small amount in my coffee each morning, for 11 months of the year, I cut a lot of sugar out of my diet. Almost all of it as a matter of fact. So I kind of giggled that they sent me this flavor, considering snickerdoodles were the reason I've had to work extra hard this month. At the same time, I was stoked! These coffees are ZERO calories. Zero calorie snickerdoodles, someone pinch me! If only all those snickerdoodles I at at Christmas time were also zero calories, right? 

And listen, these taste exactly like the cookie! You really can't go wrong. I'm having cookies for breakfast. Zero calorie cookies to boot. I feel like I'm living in some alternate universe, but it's true. This is real life, and who knew that that I could indulge in such sweet deliciousness for breakfast, of all things. 

Everyone knows that you shouldn't drink coffee close to bedtime, but I haven't been able to help it. I have a Goodreads goal I'm trying to surpass, which is so far going great (5 books read already), and snickerdoodle coffee has been calling my name. I can't just have one cup. I find myself drinking it at night while I'm reading instead of reaching for actual cookies. 

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