Sprucing Up The Home by Bringing The Outdoors Inside.

I've always been obsessed with decorating and home improvement. I was that weird kid that spent my money on landscaping and interior design software instead of actual toys. Which is the reason we went below our budget when we purchased a home and specifically wanted a fixer upper. Our home has major potential and almost daily I am shopping for decor and doing some sort of updating to it. So naturally, I am always looking for quality decor for reasonable prices. 

I have a great love for plants, both real and fake, because they just look great in any room. My husband would disagree because he hates topiary trees. Which is why I thought it was kind of funny when I chose these two angel vine cone topiary trees from Silk Plants Direct. Originally when I chose them, my intention was to put them out on our porch this spring on either side of our front door, but once they arrived, I placed them all over my house until I ended up putting them on our counter top in the bathroom. We have always had so much free space there and these filled the area well. Not only that, but they actually look really good there, and believe it or not, my topiary hating hubby actually liked them! Since they are fake, I don't really have to worry about watering or trimming them. However, I still get the feel of real plants because they actually do look realistic. 

They have a bit of weight to them, so they aren't easily knocked over. Something that is a serious plus when you have two children. I'm considering painting the bases, but I'm not really set on it yet. The gray is nice, but I'll have to see how I feel about it once the rest of the bathroom is finished. 

I never really liked our bathroom mirror. The size is quite nice, but I want a framed one instead. I've never liked the "raw" edge of it. These topiaries are tall enough that it distracts and sort of hides the fact that the mirror isn't framed yet. I can't wait to see how everything comes together once the walls are redone. I have a feeling I'll be purchasing more decor from Silk Plants Direct for my entire house as we finish each room. 

While I do love me some topiaries and boxwood plants, my brother loves tropical plants and I see that in addition to topiaries, they also sell fake palm trees and various other large trees and plants for both home and commercial use as well as cute decor items. 

Check them out and also get 10% off (excluding custom items) with code BLOGGER10

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  1. The topiary's look great in your bathroom! And they sure do look real.


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