Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series

If you are a lover of mystery stories as I am, I would highly suggest checking out the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series! The series is a new take on Sherlock Holmes Mysteries that are considered clean reads and suitable for younger readers as well as adults.

I was sent a copy of books 3-5 to check out and I think mystery lovers will really enjoy this series. Written by a father and daughter duo, these books are a fresh take on Sherlock Holmes and had been praised by Publishers Weekly.

In Remember, Remember, Lucy James, an American actress, wakes up outside of a British Museum on a cold morning in 1897. Laying face down on the ground, she remembers nothing about her life or who she is, except that the name Sherlock Holmes vaguely comes to her. She sets out to search for clues to her identity and who may be trying to kill her; discovering that she isn't the only target.

In The Crown Jewel Mystery, A young American actress arrives in Victorian London with no recollection of who she is, but hopes to hopes to unravel the mystery of her identity while famed detective Sherlock Holmes is closing in on a master criminal. When the world of Holmes collides with the girl's, it has an impact even the famed detective couldn't have foreseen. This book is considered the prequel to the series and takes place three days before the opening of The Last Moriarty.

The Jubilee Problem finds Holmes and James unmasking the traitor from their three previous adventures. There is a conspiracy to destroy Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Celebration. If they fail to defeat their enemy and mastermind behind the plot, thousands of people will die, including the queen, and chaos will consume the British Empire.

Starting Monday, November 27th, you can get books 3-6 in the series as box set for your Kindle!

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