Make It Real: Fashion Design Collection

My husband and I are pretty creative people. I personally took art courses in school for many years and my husband has done various art projects through the years as well. Of course our children not only come from parents with artistic talents and creativity, but they come from two long lines of family creativity. So naturally, my 11 year old loves to draw and design things as well. At the age of 11, she's starting to get into fashion, so I thought this fashion design collection would be the perfect gift this year. 

One major thing that we love about this kit is the inclusion of a light table. This makes it easier for her to trace outlines of "models" and proceed to draw the clothing onto them. Of course, this will also come in handy for plenty of other art projects. 

The set also comes with a design sketchbook, stickers, colored pencils, stencils, pre-drawn designs that can be colored over, and a guide. 

Not only does this broaden creativity and self-expression, but it enhances fine motor and cognitive skills. 

It's perfect for the little fashion designer, and if I'm being honest, I think it's fun for creative adults as well! I can't wait to see my daughter's excitement when she opens it Christmas morning. 

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