#CurrentlySipping: Crazy Cups Mexican Vanilla Sombrero

Crazy Cups is pretty well known for it's crazy coffee flavors. Venture to their site and you will find coffee in fun flavors like peanut butter and jelly, butterscotch, and french toast just to name a few. However, this month, they really lived up to their name with their newest beverage, which actually ends up not being coffee at all!

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As most already know, in addition to selling coffee k-cups, Crazy Cups also sells hot cocoa and even tea, but they took their beverage selection one step farther by making shakes! That's right, a k-cup shake! Whaaat?!

We were told this month we were doing things a little differently, so naturally I was thinking cappuccino or lattes. We definitely did not expect a vanilla shake. Even as an ambassador for Crazy Cups, I don't ever know what flavor they will send each month. So essentially, each and every month is like Christmas. It's a complete surprise. Surprise was a bit of an understatement this month. I barely got in the door (yes, I opened it outside on my porch. I was impatient.) and I had a k-cup pulled out to put in the Keurig and test this interesting flavor out. I love milkshakes, and vanilla is one of my favorites. 

The only real problem I had was how exactly do we drink this?

I figured obviously since it's a shake, we brew over ice. Now, I have an older Keurig; one of the first ones, so mine isn't really made to do the brew over ice thing as it doesn't fit a tumbler under it. Just a regular size coffee mug. I figured out how to get around this a long time ago by pouring from my mug into a tumbler filled with ice. It's still not the best solution, but it works I guess. Needless to say, I've been shopping for a new Keurig so I can skip that step.

I brewed this, then poured it over my ice and took a sip. It was still warm when I sipped it and surprisingly, it's actually pretty good warm! It's also good cold over ice as well, but was a little more watered down to me. I guess in this case, you will have to decide if you like the stronger sweet flavor or light vanilla flavor and go from there. One thing no one probably thinks of in this case, but I tested just to see, was to brew it over vanilla ice cream. I liked that way much better! It was less watered down and had a little more of a creamier texture to it, much like a real milkshake. I prefer this to just ice. 

Ice test. Not bad, but ice cream was better.

 Drinking it warm essentially ends up tasting like a hot chocolate, but with vanilla, obviously. Even better is that, if you choose to go the ice cream route, you can change up the flavor depending on the ice cream flavor you brew it over. 

Of course, I see they also have a strawberry flavor on their site, too. 
I'm still getting use to this idea in general, but I like it! I prefer hot drinks this time of year, so I may save the rest for when warmer weather rolls around again, but I'm certainly a fan!

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