Things Got A Little Spooky Up In Here

In our home, Halloween isn't just a Holiday, it's a lifestyle. We live for Halloween. So with this year having a Friday the 13th in October, we thought there was no better time to host a spooktacular kid friendly Halloween party. 

This party was sponsored in part by Welch's Fruit Snacks. 

I spent two weeks happily decorating and planning our Halloween party for family and friends. Of course, since we have two littles we wanted to make the party spooky fun, but still be kid friendly. Both of my kids love spooky things, but we didn't want to make anything overly scary for them. So I stuck with simple decorations, most of which came from Party City or were hand made by me. I highly recommend Party City for budget friendly Halloween decor. They have a great selection of products, a lot randing in price from $2-$5 on the low end. They do have more expensive decorations, but you can easily get an entire box of decorations for less than $50 and decorate your entire home. The bats you see on the walls were made by me. I just cut out a ton of bats, folded them in the centers, and taped them to the wall. All it cost me was the price of one package of black craft paper, which I already had on hand from a previous party project (Sorcerer Mickey Hats).

I'll be honest, the biggest hit out of all my decorations was our AtmosFX hologram projection ghosts. We've gt asked about them frequently the last few days. 

The kiddos dressed as Zootopia characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. 

Welch's recently released Halloween fruit snacks that come in various Halloween shapes such as withes hats, bats, and pumpkins. They are individual packages, so they are great to hand out to trick or treaters. I decided to use them in a few of our party goodies. I made a sweet popcorn mix, and included the fruit snacks along with marshmallows, raisins and cookies. My kiddos called it the popcorn graveyard and they love it. It includes all their favorite treats and was a great snack while they watched Halloween specials during the party. You can change it up and add your family's favorites for a unique movie snack that kicks that plain popcorn up a notch. 

I also made pumpkin patch pudding cups, which are simply chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies I crushed up in my processor, then topped with Welch's Halloween Fruit Snack pumpkins. 

We also had mini pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin cereal bars, homemade stromboli, chips and salsa, and a appetizer platter we ordered from our local Walmart, which included popcorn chicken, fried mozzarella sticks, and jalapeno poppers. 

For drinks, we had a "Pick your Poison" table with grape kool-aid, and orange Hocus Pocus Punch.

We even decorated outside as well, with spooky green and purple lights, a haunted cemetery, gothic candelabra, and pumpkins my kiddos carved during our leaf day last weekend. 

Next year I think our party will be even bigger. My husband and I really enjoy everything about Halloween and we really enjoy decorating and hosting a party with family and friends. The costumes are always really fun to see as well. 


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