The Comic Book Story of Video Games

Two things that us geeks love in my house are video games and comic books. So of course this book looked extremely intriguing to me. It's the history of video games through the years all in comic book form! 

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This book admittedly crams a lot of information into a decent sized (192 pg) paperback graphic novel, which makes a fun read. Comic book and game lovers alike will find this book entertaining and educational, with spotlights on well known names; people who revolutionized the gaming industry. 

 The Comic Book Story of Video Games highlights the systems and popular games that came to be through the years, including arcade games clear up to recent years and the increase in mobile gaming. 

Illustrator Jack McGowen, provides full color artwork through the entire book that will hit all your nostalgia game buttons. Author Jonathan Hennessey gives a chronological perspective on the evolution of gaming from WWII to classic 1970's arcade gaming, into the beginning of Nintendo and popular app based games such as Pokemon Go. 

Pick up a copy of The Comic Book Story of Video Games, available now! 

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