PrAna Fall Collection

I've come across PrAna clothing online a lot lately. They look like really well made clothing, and I especially love their fitness clothes. So recently when I had the opportunity to review some items from their new fall line, I said "Heck yeah! sign me up!"

I'm going to be blunt right from the get-go. These clothes are expensive. They recently seem to be marketing them to mothers, and as most mother's know, after you have children, splurging on clothing isn't always an option. For the price of one shirt, you could easily buy your child 4 packages of diapers or even 5 outfits. I've talked with other mom's about the prices, thinking that maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, and it turns out that I'm not. If you are like me, and tend to spend every cent you have to make sure your children have what they need and look nice, while you are wearing jeans that are long destined for the trash or Goodwill pile, then you know what I'm talking about. 

That being said, in order for me to justify purchasing a sweater and jeans with price tags that make you want to cry, they have to be extremely well made. I mean, when I walk into their shop, I better see Rumple from Once Upon a Time spinning these on his wheel with gold threads. That's extreme, but in all seriousness, these better hold up. They better hold up to me being down on the floor playing with my kiddos, rough housing, vigorous cleaning, gardening, running and jumping into leaf piles, climbing trees, and anything else my kiddos have me doing. In addition, they have to be comfortable. If it doesn't feel like a thousand angels touching my skin while I'm wearing it, there's no way I can justify the price. 

But look, I'm going to tell you, these clothes are adorable as all get out!

The top is their Aya Sweater in the color gravel and boy was I surprised when I discovered that the size small was actually a little big on me! Obviously workouts and healthy living do a body good! This sweater is so cute when paired with the Kara Jeans in the color denim. 

Initially the sweater felt really itchy against my skin. I wasn't sure if this was going to change and soften up when I wash it again with some fabric softener or what, but by the end of the day, I didn't even notice the itchiness. It happens to be made with recycled materials. This is entirely new to me, but I dig it. The button detail down the wrist part of the sleeve was perfect for pairing with my favorite ivory boot cuffs with lace and buttons on them. There's a hint of brown in the shirt buttons, so I chose my brown Breckelles riding boots to pair with this outfit. 

The Kara Jeans are made to be cuffed and worn with ankle boots or flats. I'm not a flats or ankle boots person, which is why I paired them with my riding boots. I prefer the higher boots during the fall. The one and only problem I had with the pants is that uncuffed, they are certainly not made for shorties like myself. Even cuffed, they were unattractive without my knee high boots on. I'm just way too short. At 5'3", it seems that a lot of their pants would be long on me according to site reviews. I think the ideal height for a lot of their pants is around 5'7". I don't do cuffed jeans, so I was hoping to be able to wear them at regular length, even if they were going to be a little long. I couldn't really do either without looking ridiculous. Luckily, the knee high boots hides the extra length, even as they are rolled up. 

The fit and feel of the jeans is off the charts amazing! They are considered low rise, which ended up meeting just under my belly button (like I said, I'm tiny), but they are so smooth and gentle on your skin, while also hugging your natural curves. I may be tiny size wise, but I have always had thicker thighs. I'm basically all thighs anymore. Typically this causes a problem when purchasing jeans that actually fit. No problems here! The Kara Jeans pulled up over my thighs smooth and still fit at the waist. It's like magic. They are also made with organic materials. 

So are they durable? Are they worth the price?

Yes, and yes! 

PrAna clothing is not only durable, but they are made with materials that are safe for the earth and you. Their materials are from sustainable sources, so your clothing can be made of organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool, recycled polyester, and responsible down. They also believe in giving back and their products aren't just packaged the way they are for cuteness, they have a strict polybag reduction initiative that they follow. The materials hold up extremely well. Trust me, I tested the ever lovin' sugar out of them. When following product care instructions these will hold up and last a very long time. So if the pricing throws you off, consider that these aren't cheaply made products, produced in factories that don't take care of their people or care about the environment. PrAna is the exact opposite and really cares about their workers, their consumers, and the earth as a whole. 

So if you find yourself with a little extra money, go ahead and splurge on a PrAna outfit or two. Seriously, you will love their clothing! 

As a matter of fact, from now until November 17th, 2017, you can get  *15% your order at when you use code MMAGF17 at checkout and to throw some icing on that cake, it can be used an unlimited amount of times! 

*excludes sale items

I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.


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