October DegustaBox Unboxing

October is here! And with a new month, comes a new Degustabox. This month, the box had a little theme to it, featuring items perfect for a family (or date night) movie.

 Welch's Fruit 'n Yogurt 
 These are a huge hit in my house. They are so good, and are low fat and gluten free so that makes me love them even more. 

 Cow Tails 
 Another repeat item that we always welcome in our boxes. There was a recipe that came with this month's box for popcorn bars that featured the Cow Tails. Now I have ideas running through my head of doing the same thing, but with Pumpkin Spice Cherrios (think Krispie Treats) for our Halloween party. 

Loaker Quadratini
These came in raspberry yogurt flavor and initially when I saw them, I thought they would be more like the strawberry waffer cookies I use to eat when I was a kid. Not so much. They really do taste like yogurt and aren't as sweet, which is perfect for my tastes now, because through the years I have lost my love for overly sweet foods and beverages. These are perfect as is, but you could dip them in chocolate melts and decorate them all cute for parties.

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasonings
We have movie nights a lot in our house, so these little popcorn seasoning shakers are a staple here. They come in a huge variety of flavors. This box included the kettle corn and white cheddar flavors, but they also have cinnamon, dill, bacon, nacho, and other bold flavors worth trying. Also, stash these in your purse when you go to the movies to add flavor to your movie theater popcorn! 

Boboli Crust 2 pack
We are huge pizza lovers, and although I always prefer thin crust, I do enjoy the Boboli crusts from time to time. These are the minis so my son and I made mini margherita pizzas for lunch. He's a strange child who loves tomato slices and basil on his pizza like his momma. Completely unlike any child I have ever met, but I call him my little gourmet chef. He loves making his own lunch (with help of course).

Yeah, my 5 year old made these all by himself (with the exception of me slicing the tomato, of course). 


I have never had anything other than peanut butter until now. As a matter of fact, it took me up until this summer to taste Nutella. I know! I missed out this entire time! So sunflower butter was intriguing to me. I had some with homemade oven baked wheat tortilla chips and it's delicious! I also love how it's in a convenient little container. I can throw one in my lunch bag for road trip snacks.

Overnight Oats
Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person on the planet who likes oatmeal. I don't think I know anyone in my personal life who does, but it's like Degustabox can read me well through my posts, because one of my favorite oatmeal flavors is apple and I also happen to love almonds! I wasn't sure how I was going to like "overnight oats", which you actually prepare the night before and just grab from the fridge and go, but it's pretty good, not to mention quick. I have limited time lately, so despite my normal oatmeal only taking 3 minutes, this still saves me those three minutes that I normally don't have to spare in the mornings anymore.

Hippeas Organic Puffs
I'll be honest. This was my least favorite item in the box. I'm not a chickpea lover, at all. I wanted to give these a chance, but I just couldn't. I don't really like cheese puffs to begin with, so the combination of the two wasn't that appealing to me. It's all personal preference, but I couldn't get past the cheese smell of them to even try them. The bag is cute though!

Bush's Best Beans
We have chili a lot this time of year, and as a matter of fact, my husband and I had been craving chili when this box arrived, so it was perfect timing. Of course, he made regular chili with the spicy chili sauce beans, giving an added flavor to the chili in addition to the seasonings and seasoned tomatoes. I'm a white chicken chili lover, so I made myself some with the white chili beans. I did make the mistake of adding a few too many jalapeƱos in my chili, but while spicy as all get out, it was so darn good! Degustabox provided recipes for both of these, but it's the same ones that are on the back of these cans if you are looking for a good chili recipe. 

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