October BookCase Club Unboxing

Nothing gives me more joy than some brand new books to read. Brand new books bring new stories I can immerse myself in and new characters I can love, hate, cry or root for. Every month is like Christmas morning when you have a subscription to BookCase.Club

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Typically I get the Young Adult box, but this month I received the ThrillSeeker box. It's a little different than what I normally get, but my next favorite book genres are horror and thriller, so I'm excited about these two new books I was sent for the month of October. I did get one book by an author I've heard of before, which is James Ellroy. The other book is a new-to-me author. 

by James Ellroy

A story about a Japanese family, murdered, and the three men and one woman who are thrown together in relation to the murder case which becomes a political storm in Los Angeles during December of 1941; a time when WWII brings racial hatred and war to America and runs rampant in the city. 

Past Crimes
by Glen Erik Hamilton 

When his estranged grandfather is shot and left for dead, an Army Ranger must plunge into the criminal underworld of his youth to find a murderer and uncover a shocking family secret in this atmospheric and evocative debut thriller.
Van Shaw was raised to be a thief, but at eighteen he suddenly broke all ties to that life and joined the military—abandoning his illicit past and the career-criminal grandfather who taught him the trade. Now, after ten years of silence, his grandfather has asked him to come home to Seattle. But when Van arrives, he discovers his grandfather bleeding out on the floor from a gunshot to the head. With a lifetime of tough history between him and the old man, Van knows he’s sure to be the main suspect.
The only way he can clear his name is to go back to the world he’d sworn to leave behind. Tapping into his criminal skills, he begins to hunt the shooter and uncover what drove his grandfather to reach out after so long. But in a violent, high-stakes world where right and wrong aren’t defined by the law, Van finds that the past is all too present . . . and that the secrets held by those closest to him are the deadliest of all.

Thriller books not your cup of tea? Check out BookCase.Club's impressive selection of genre boxes. They even have a BookCase box for kids! 

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