Why the New 9/11 Movie is The Film We Need Right Now

Everyone who was alive that day remembers. We remember where we were when it was happening. We remember watching the new broadcast. We remember wondering if it was all really happening or if it was just a bad dream. I specifically remember how our nation came together for one another at one of the worst moments we have experienced together in many years. And now, on the arriving anniversary of that horrible day, a new movie, with an all star cast, has been released to give us a different view of that fateful day. I had a chance to view the movie before it hits theaters September 8th. Read on to see my thoughts. 

9/11 the movie is based on Elevator, a play written by Patrick Carson and follows 5 strangers trapped in an elevator during the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th. It stars Charlie SheenWhoopi GoldbergGina GershonLuis Guzm├ín and Jacqueline Bisset. As the movie plays out, you watch these 5 very different people band together in their right to survive. 

We need this movie right now as a nation. We need to be reminded of this. We need reminded as a country that inner hatred divides us and makes it easier for our enemies to destroy us. It's like a crack in a basement wall. As the wall divides, things can seep in little by little until it's too late and it brings the entire structure down.

 It has actual news footage of the event in it, which is going to stir a lot of emotion on its own. There are a lot of really good actors and actresses in this movie. Well known ones, and despite a few of them generally being comedy actors, they did well. It was heart pounding and the ending was... well, it was gut wrenching in the sense that you know there's a race against time for them to survive but since it's based on true events, you know they might not make it. There's a scene where, after the first tower fell, people are trying to get through all the smoke and debris, and it's anxiety inducing because it's like being in the middle of nowhere in the densest fog you can imagine and not being able to see where you are going or what's happening around you, or if you are even out of the building yet. It's intense.

I suggest that when you go see this movie, you take an entire box of tissues with you. Better yet, take two boxes and share. There will not be a dry eye in the house and I guarantee that when the credits start rolling, most viewers are going to need a few minutes to sit and collect themselves. The emotions from this movie are that strong. 

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Disclaimer: I was provided a pre-screener of this movie from TetherGroup in order to facilitate this review. I have not been compensated monetarily for this. All thoughts are my own.  


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