Great, Healthy Hair With John Frieda

I dye my hair - a lot- and it's seen it's share of heat and dye damage to it through the years. I started dying my hair when I was 14, so naturally, it's been abused for years. I still manage to keep it a healthy soft texture and glossy shine. A complete stranger would never know I dye my hair or damage it daily with my blow dryer and straight iron. Well, that is unless you meet me while I have green or blue hair! So what's the secret to keeping soft, healthy hair?

I use John Frieda products! 

My biggest hair issue isn't so much with the damage from dying, because I am very careful not to over dye and keep my hair dark most of the year. I've taken to dying it blonde through the summer so that I can add fashion colors to it for a little fun, but I still try to stay away from powdered bleaching kits. Instead, I use a cream lightener/toner mix to get my hair it's lightest blonde. It's the blow drying my hair straight and then in addition, running the flat iron through it daily to maintain the straight hair.

See, I have naturally curly hair - type 2b, to be exact - and some days I'm okay with it being natural, but most days, I just prefer it to be straight. It's easier to push my hair away from my face, put it up in a pony and take it down, and it just looks nicer and healthier in my opinion. So I need hair products that are going to benefit my hair both in it's natural state, and when I fry it with heat. John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner is step one in my healthy hair process. These two products alone have given new life to my tresses and give noticeably soft, smooth hair. But the real cherry on top is the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum. It not only smooths down my locks, but it's also a heat protectant!

Regardless of whether my hair is natural or straightened, my true hair enemy is humidity and moisture. One step outside this time of year and my hair is doomed. I could usually forget doing anything nice with it because within seconds, it gets frizzy and my straight hair starts to curl right back up. All that heat damage and hours spent blow drying it straight and then running a flat iron through it, gone to waste due to the weather. This is where the Frizz Ease Serum comes in real handy. I put it on my damp hair right before I blow dry it, and it sets the hair until I wash it again. I could literally spend days outside in humid and damp weather and my hair would hold it's just straightened look and still remain smooth. It drastically improves the look and feel of my hair when coupled with the shampoo and conditioner.

On days when I really don't feel like flopping around a large head full of hair (I have a ton of hair), I can put it up in a cute messy bun and finish it off with a spray or two of John Frieda Luxurious volume hairspray. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it sticky and hard. It keeps it's hold and my hair still looks great. It's also perfect for date nights when I curl my hair and want the big bouncy curls to last without the paper crunch that most hair sprays leave you with.


Purchase the John Frieda line wherever hair care products are sold. 

*Disclosure: This product was received as a sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. No monitory compensation was received and I was not required to write a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising. 


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