Color For Calm: Your Daily Stress Relief

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My husband and I are currently working on my office, which will be in our remodeled basement and already I've collecting things to go on my desk down in the "babe cave". One of the things I have made clear that I need is a calender. I've become tired of looking at my phone to see what day it is or see days ahead, and our regular calendar is hanging in the kitchen. Not really ideal when you are using it for work. I also really love to color. So I mean, yeah, I was a little bit excited about this new desk calender.

Life can be stressful, and ask any blogger, they will tell you that while our jobs seem easy enough, blogging can be stressful, too, despite what others think and say. So sometimes, I want just 5 minutes to breathe, recollect my thoughts, and get right back into it. This desk calender is a gift from the universe as far as I'm concerned. 

It comes with double sided pencils, giving you 10 colors to work with and are stored on the back of the calendar. The whole thing can be propped up on the desk or hung on the wall. Even more perfect, because I think I may have a problem with space on the office desk at some point. So I can hang it on the wall beside the desk. 

Each page has the date in the bottom right corner, and an adorable mini illustration to color. It's literally a 5 minutes picture. Something quick to color to relieve stress. That's what makes this great for the office. There are colorful designs around the edge as well to brighten up your space. You can color the picture on the day, but I would prefer to wait until the day is over and the page has been ripped off to color it, then save my favorites and pin them up on my cork board. 

Each month has "themed" pictures to color. For instance, February pictures are mostly hearts and love themed. 

Naturally, October, November, and December are my favorite months, but waiting until I get to those months is going to be difficult. This is one of the cutest desk calendars I've come across and I cannot wait to add it to my new office. 

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