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I've been wearing glasses since I was 12. I've been through a lot of frames in all these years, trying to keep up with trends and then, of course, needing to replace frames when my children had gotten a hold of my glasses and broke them. Realistically, I own more pairs of glasses than the average person. I basically collect them at this point. I can't be the only one, though, right? I need to have a different pair to match different hair styles and outfits. I'm really grateful for because they are the most affordable prescription glasses you can get with a large enough variety that I'll always find something I like, including prescription sunglasses. 

I've worked with GlassesShop before and always love their frames. I have three pair of their eyeglasses now and each pair came with their own case and a cleaning cloth, which is great! As long as you know your RX, you can get prescription glasses far cheaper than purchasing them from your local shop or optometrist. And if you are looking for fashion lenses (for those lucky duckies with 20/20s), you can find those as well, making the site also pretty perfect for cosplayers!

I've been into the chunky frames lately, but the two have are cat eye with different designs on the stems and around the lenses. This time I want to go with a chunky frame, but something smaller than the cat eye, so I chose these rectangular frames. Not only did I love the shape, but look at the cutsie flowers on the sides! These are the Peoria Rectangle Black frames and they were only $9.95!!

 I have a small face, and it's almost impossible for me to find adult frames that aren't too big for my face structure. As a matter of fact, the last time I was at the eye doctor for new glasses, I ended up having to look in the kids section for frames to fit my face. That's embarrassing. I ended up just having them put new lenses in the frames I already had, which were slightly outdated to be honest. 

I'm pretty obsessed with these, honestly. One thing I've had problems with initially is that they push on the back of my ears a little. I had that problem with the last pair I received from this site, but after a while, they no longer did that. These are still new, so I guess I'm still wearing them in. I've noticed after a week or so, that they don't push as much as they use to. 

They are so cute! 

Shopping for eyeglasses online seems like a scary task. You don't know the quality, or if they will fit, or even look right on you. Luckily, has a handy little way to see what the glasses you are considering would look like on you, by uploading a photo of yourself and resizing the glasses on your face in the photo accordingly. It reminds me of those makeover sites and it's really easy to do. It's the same process if you are looking for prescription sunglasses

I highly recommend checking out the site if you are in the market for new eyeglasses. And if you use code GSHOT50, you can get 50% off  all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses only throughout the website, with the exception of sales frames. Think about how much it costs for a pair of lenses and frames at your optometrist. I know the last time I was in, I paid over $100 for my lenses alone and I even bought pretty cheap ones with nothing added to them. The cheapest frames were going to cost me another $100 without taxes and fees. You are going to save a lot of money between their already low prices and the 50% off code. They even have kids frames! So you can find something for the whole family.

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