Degusta Box: June 2017 {Unboxing}

Hey fam! Want to see what's in this month's Degusta Box? I know I say this every single month, but this is my favorite month so far! They packed it full of not only some new brands and products, but they added some we are familiar with and already love! 

You know, typically as I write these posts, my stomach sees the food and starts growling. It's hard not to be hungry when you see what comes in a Degusta Box. This is why it's our favorite subscription service. I mean, I do love my book subscriptions, but I love food even more than books. Who doesn't?

Check out all the goodness in June's box, though! Lots more snack items in this box than meal items, but we actually like that. We like using our Degusta snacks on summer road trips and I send a lot into work in my husband's lunches, which makes his co-workers jealous. Hey, guys, get your own Degusta Box!

This is probably going to sound crazy, but my favorite thing in this month's box was this spicy barbecue sauce. The day we got this box in the mail, we happened to be doing bacon, jalapeƱo, and cheddar burgers, and I immediately knew I had to put this on my burger. I did not regret it one bit! I've also had this on chicken as well as french fries. The top is more of a small spout, which makes it great for basting, because you can just add a small amount and spread it with a knife or brush, or squeeze it into a cup like you would ketchup. It has a very smokey barbecue flavor that you would expect and then it hits you with that spice. It's so good! I did try the sample packet that we got of the spicy chili sauce as well, and it was good, but the barbecue sauce is by far my favorite. Now I'm on a quest to buy an entire case of this stuff, just to keep stock. I love it that much. 

We've had these Ritz Crisp & Thins plenty of times. The Cream Cheese & Onion is actually really really good and reminds me of an onion dip. So it's basically the chip with the dip already in it! They are light and airy and the crispness is perfect for those days when you want something crisp to eat, not necessarily veggies, but also something that isn't going to be a billion calories. Okay so I exaggerated that, but a normal bag of chips definitely is not healthy for you. At 210 calories, Ritz Crisp & Thins are a much better alternative, plus they taste better and aren't greasy. My husband and I shared a bag while watching a movie, and he took the other bag to work for lunch, which was convenient. 

I'm going to be honest, because I don't know how to be anything other than honest, really, but I was not digging the Briannas Cilantro Lime dressing. This is the second one out of the three of this brand that they sent that we weren't excited about. That's not to say that we didn't like the brand! The first box we ever received had a vinaigrette in it that we used on spring salad and it was a hit. This particular flavor just isn't for us. It is, however, my cousin's cup of tea, so we just passed it along to her. 

I also happen to really love Sir Kensington products. Especially the Chipotle Mayo we got in a previous box (which I desperately need to restock because I'm going through withdrawals). This was a pretty tiny jar of ketchup though. Our home goes through a lot of ketchup as I have two kids that eat it on just about everything. Therefore, this size just isn't practical for us. However, It's not only a really good ketchup, it's also perfect for picnics! It's just the right size to put in a small picnic basket or lunchbox. So there is an upside to the tiny jar, beyond being super adorable, that is! 

Oh Degusta Box, it's like you know how to trigger a craving! I love apples and cinnamon. next to pumpkin, it's one of my favorite flavors for pretty much anything. So yes, I was excited about these muffins all the way. Plus, they are gluten free! Huzzah, y'all! Whole grain apple cinnamon muffins that I can snack on and not have to cry myself to sleep after doing it. I love it! Keep these products coming, Degusta Box! 

These Julian's Waffle Thins were actually a lot tastier than I expected. I don't know why, but when I read quinoa, I assume it's going to be bland. I was wrong. I'm sorry for judging, you delicious bag of joy! I literally ate the entire bag in one day. And no, I didn't share. The lemon flavor was absolutely perfect, and they were nice and crisp. These would honestly be great with ice cream or crushed up as a pie crust. Oh heaven, I think I may have to try that! 

We have been getting nutritious bars in a lot of the boxes. Usually, I'm pretty for them, because I'm into eating well and fitness. So these are a great little snack for after a workout. I also really enjoy a lot of the flavors they send. However, after actually tasting these bars, I can never get past the first bite. I think it's the texture. This may be why, when I pulled this out of the box to try, I was already going into it thinking negatively. This is possibly also why I just didn't care for it at all. I love cranberry, so this was disappointing, but I have to admit, after trying so many protein bars and superfood bars, I just can't with these anymore. I have yet to find a brand I actually enjoy. 

As I mentioned farther up, I'm not a huge fan of regular chips, but I do enjoy a crispy snack every once in a while, and a person can only eat so many veggies. So I liked these Bean Crisps. They were crisp, and reminded me of rice cakes (which I acually like, BTW!), They were lightly salted and actually not that bad. they reminded me a lot of the chips I use to get when I was doing Nutrisystem. the difference is, this is a full size bag, and therefor is obviously more calories if you eat the entire thing. I really liked these with fresh salsa. 

So remember when I said I loved apple and cinnamon? Look! They sent an entire box of Entenmanns Mini's in apple flavor! Since i'm desperately trying to reduce my sugar intake, this killed me. I did have one, and thankfully they are minis, but I easily could have had the entire box down in one day. Oh sweet foodies, these are so good! I sent the rest in with hubby to work. He certainly wasn't complaining. 

These Viter energy Mints were a gift in this month's box, and well needed, honestly. I'm exhausted lately. Be it from all the trips we take this time of year, or the cookouts and parties we attend, or maybe it's because of a stressful situation or two going on in my personal life, I just don't have any energy to get things done. These were pretty good! They are minty fresh and not horrible tasting. they also gave me a good amount of energy, so that was nice. 

You know what else I really like? Ginger Ale and Coconut. So I was actually intrigued by this coconut flavored ginger ale. I opened it out of the box to try it, which wasn't a good idea. It was kind of gross warm. So naturally, I stuck the rest in the fridge to get cold, and yes, it was a lot better. It's not a strong ginger flavor. It's very similar to Canada Dry, but there's a hint of coconut in it. Plus, zero sugar! I can really get behind that! 

Intrigued by Degusta Box and want to subscribe (highly recommended!)?

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