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My daughter has been reading since she was 2 years old. We started her off pretty early and she's always loved books. As she gets older, and technology is taking over, her desire to read has dwindled. We try to keep her interested by finding her books that hold her attention and having her read every night for at least 15 minutes. She's 10, and she's not so much into playing with toys anymore, so she's either watching a movie or playing a game. As they get older, it gets much harder to keep them from the technology and steer them back onto the learning path. She still likes to read, but she's become pretty picky about the books she reads. That's why I love Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties and Olga and the Smelly Thing From Nowhere. These are the kind of books she loves. A great, funny story, with fun illustrations. 

Olga and the Smelly Cat From Nowhere
By Elise Gravel

Olga finds a creature in her garbage can one day, and all it says is “MEH!”
It won’t eat, it won’t sleep, it snores, it stinks, and Olga studies it like
mad. She adores it and eventually names it after herself--an OLGAMUS. A trip
to the library reveals little, while a trip to the local shop proves
successful when Olga discovers Meh’s favorite food is olives! These episodes
take place over a few days in Olga’s never-dull life, and she manages to
reveal a great amount of information not only about herself, but about
everything from the scientific method and Jane Goodall and some of her
favorite odd creatures to the ins and outs of friendship and every human’s
use for living in a community.

Perfect for fans of Dear Dumb Diary and My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish, and
great preparation for El Deafo, Roller Girl, and Smile.

Author Bio

Elise Gravel is an award-winning author/illustrator from Quebec. She is the
winner of the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Illustration in
French, and is well-known in Quebec for her original, wacky picture books.
She has published a number of books with US publisher Blue Apple as well as
a graphic novel for Roaring Brook Press. Having completed her studies in
graphic design, Elise found herself quickly swept up into the glamorous
world of illustration. Her old design habits drive her to work a little text
here and there into her drawings and she loves to handle the design of her
assignments from start to finish. She is inspired by social causes and is
likes projects that can handle a good dose of eccentricity. Follow Elise on

Drawing animals with Elise Gravel!


Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties
By Tom Watson

Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and animal lovers
everywhere – meet Stick Cat!  A heavily illustrated young reader series,
from the author of Stick Dog – Tom Watson!

In the first adventure (available now), it’s a big day in the big city for
Stick Cat and his best friend, Edith. There are treasures to hunt, songs to
sing, pigeons to catch, and naps to take. But way up on the 23rd floor,
danger lurks just around the corner. Terrible noises and violent crashes
trap a desperate man in the building across the alley. Stick Cat will need
to navigate his way across the alley—and around Edith’s peculiar ways—to
attempt a rescue.

The next adventure,
Stick Cat: Cats in the City, arrives on April 25th!

Author Bio

Tom Watson lives in Chicago with his wife, daughter, and son. He is the
author of the Stick Dog series and the Stick Cat series. This is the first
book in that series. Tom does not have a cat. So his ideas for the Stick Cat
series come from a whole different place. He’s not sure where that place is
exactly, but he knows it’s kind of strange there. While he has your
attention, Tom would like to make one thing perfectly clear: There are not
going to be any other stick animal books. There won’t be a Stick Monkey, for
instance. Or Stick Chicken (even though that’s fun to say) or even Stick
Giraffe (even though that would be fun to draw). He’s having plenty of fun
just with dogs and cats

Learn to draw Stick Cat with Tom Watson!

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Both books are in stores now for ages 8-12

Thank you @HarperChildrens for
sending me a copy and providing the prize pack!

LAUGH & LEARN Prize Pack

Get silly and scientific with an amazing combo of middle-grade reads! One
winner receives:

*       Copies of Stick Cat: A Tail of Two Kitties and Olga and the Smelly
Thing from Nowhere
*       Art prints from each book’s creators
*       3-month subscription to TinkerCrate for scientific exploration!

Open to US addresses only.

Laugh & Learn Prize Pack

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  1. Actually I am pretty lucky. My daughter absolutely loves to read. She reads all the time and costs me a fortune in books. The one thing I have never done is force her to read certain types of books as I have seen so many kids develop a reluctance to reading because of that. As long as they are grade level or above and nothing that is bad for her to read, I encourage her to read all she wants.

  2. We go to the library often to get more books, pretty lucky. She loves to read and often asks for books for presents.

  3. We have a book chart/reward with a trip to the local water park for completing it! My email is

  4. I look for titles my nephew would enjoy. He loves the Wimpy Kid series and has read the Percy Jackson books.

  5. Trips to bookstores and the library defenitely keep my middle two into books over the summer.

  6. As long as they like to read, it's easy, but if not, most kids like certain things such as video games, they have a handful of Mindcraft chapter books, and so forth. It does take some guess work.

  7. My kids love going to the library, so that helps keep them supplied with new, interesting books. I've been lucky in that my kids really enjoy reading.

  8. We go to our local library often in the summer. I try to make sure they have books that will really hold their attention and that they can some fun with too. This can include comic books, magazines, even craft and cook books-as long as their reading!

  9. I keep my daughter interested in reading during the summer by taking her to the library to choose what books to read.


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