Degusta Box - May 2017

It's Degusta box time again! 
We've had a slew of different mail carriers in the last month or so. Typically, most areas have the same mail carrier every day, but for whatever reason, we don't have a regular on our route. So naturally, on a regular basis, someone new is delivering my packages and I get the same questions that I get from all the past mail carriers. "You get a lot of packages. Where does all this come from?!"
I'm lucky that my mail carriers know to knock on the door and let me know I have packages. I'm not even going to get into that (hahaha!), but I know when I get a knock that I'll get comments on all the packages I get daily. When I got the knock and saw my Degusta Box out there, the mailman looked at me and noted how heavy it was. I snickered and told him they are always pretty heavy since Degusta Box is pretty good at packing the box full of the best products. 

I certainly wasn't wrong, especially this month.

This month, Degusta Box had a theme going, which I hope they continue. A lot of the foods in the box were Italian foods, which made my heart (and stomach) happy since that's one of my favorite cuisines. 

The box also included a small gift of vegan marshmallows, which my son immediately ran off with, of course. I did get to try one, and they are really good. Honestly, if you hadn't read the package, you would never know they were vegan. There's no flavor or texture difference, which is great, because I know sometimes there can be. 

We also got a box of Pure Growth organic oatmeal, which had Sponge Bob on the box. Despite my children's favorite character, they still weren't thrilled about oatmeal. I'm the only one in my house that eats oatmeal, and I love it, so I was pretty happy about it, even if they weren't.

My husband was excited to try the Asian Honey BBQ sauce. Straight out of the bottle it's delicious. Our plan is to try this on some homemade breaded chicken bites, done up in the oven. It would make an excellent wing sauce, if you ask me.

One thing that I always love to keep around the house is a package of soft tortillas, and I love that Degusta Box included a package this month. they are small, but the small ones are perfect for homemade tortilla chips to dip in homemade salsa. 

The Lentil & Vegetable Soup by Goya is delicious and hearty, I actually really enjoyed it. It was packed full of flavor as well as fiber and vitamin A. 

I also really loved the Village Harvest golden quinoa, red & brown rice with black beans. I added some chopped smoked sausage to it, and it was like a Jambalaya, which is one of my favorite dishes. You could add shrimp or chicken to it as well, or to be honest, it's perfect meatless! 

Last month, I received a box of Skinny Girl Peach Tea K Cups (Which is delicious, BTW). This month, they sent the mojito mint for me to try. This tea is perfect and refreshing on a warm day. It's been slightly on the chilly side here in Pennsylvania, but we have hit in the 80's a few times and this week we are to get up into the high 80's, low 90's, so this will be a great drink to sip while I'm sitting out under the gazebo, reading. 

Up until now, I had assumed Barilla made only pastas and sauces. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they also make cookies and other products as well! Can I just say, if you have not tried these Galletti shortbread cookies, go buy some, now! They look like buttered crackers, but they are a sweet, crisp cookie, perfect for dipping into your morning coffee. The sugar crystals on the cookies are just the right amount and don't make them too sweet. The only complaint (not really a complaint, though), is that I wish they made the bags resealable. I'll just blame the non resealable bag for me eating the entire package in one day. I mean, I had to, right? Didn't want them to go stale. (Wink, Wink). 

Barilla also makes these absolutely delicious bread sticks. I'm not kidding. These ones are Oven baked with tomato and oregano, and they taste like pizza. Degusta Box ended up putting all these products in the box together for the Italian theme this month and it's perfect for an entire meal. The Pesto is excellent on the Farfalle with some cut up cherry tomatoes and a side of the Sfilati Italian Breadsticks. I had considered adding the finely chopped tomatoes to the pasta, but realized I could make salsa and combine them with the soft tortillas that also came in the box. Typically, you get items on a broader spectrum, but I'm actually enjoying the themed box with items that go well together. I like that I can pull a full meal together with a bunch of items that I am trying for the first time. This entire box gave me enough for a new meal each day. 

I'm looking forward to seeing if they keep up with the themes on occasion. Maybe the next one can be Mexican foods and snacks, or an American BBQ theme for July with it being cookout season. 

I know I say this every month, but this is my favorite box! 

Please note: Some items featured in this post were not available to all boxes. Items vary based on your profile survey.

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