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Namaste Gluten Free

With so many people who have food allergies and restrictions, it's surprising how hard it is to find food that fits every diet. Whether you are Dairy or Gluten free, vegan, or just want organic foods, depending on how large your city is, the selection could be very small or completely no existent. I happen to live in a town with a small selection of healthier alternative foods. 

Namaste lives up to their motto of: Food For Everyone, by making a line of products that are organic, gluten, dairy, and nut free. We don't currently have any dietary restriction in our family, but I do like to eat healthy and encourage my family to do so whenever possible.

I first tried out the Gluten Free Homestyle Coating Mix on some chicken tenders.

Namaste Gluten Free

Namaste Gluten Free

It happened to be a cheat day, so although I probably shouldn't have, I made the family an entire chicken dinner. We loved this coating on our chicken! I had to use both bags of seasoning because I made two packages of chicken tenders, but one pack of seasoning will probably cover about 2-3 large chicken breasts. You have the option of using whatever you like for your wet coating. I used milk. You can use eggs or even water if you can't do dairy or are vegan and don't eat eggs. So it's really adaptable. Because I made tenders, they didn't take long to cook, and the tenders were perfectly cooked without the coating baking off or getting burnt. There were leftovers, so we had them on sandwiches the next day. 

I used the gluten free bread and roll mix to make rolls for our ham & bean soup the week. The reason I don't have photos of that is something all parents can probably relate to. I have a cute little kitchen that I enjoy, but it becomes an issue when all 4 of us (myself, hubby, and kiddos) are all in it together. They decided they all wanted to be in the kitchen with mommy at the same time as I mixed the dough for the rolls, meanwhile both kids are talking to me at the same time, as well as my husband, who was telling me about his phone conversation with my daughter's special education teacher. As usually happens, I was extremely distracted. It wasn't until I finally had my kitchen to myself and checked on the rolls to see if they had risen to be baked, that I realized I forgot the most important ingredient: the yeast. Boy was I winning that day! 

Photo Credit: Namaste Foods....Because I failed at bread that day.

Fear not, though! I saved the yeast and was still able to make my rolls using the Raw Goods Brown Rice Flour, which came out just as good, if not better! 

If you are wondering how Namaste Gluten Free Breads and Rolls hold up to breads made with white flours, I can tell you that they are still more dense than white bread. They equal out to the consistency of wheat bread, but is still delicious, in my opinion. A lot of people have compared Namaste to Pamala's. I happen to have tried both and think I personally prefer Namate! 

Namaste also sells dessert mixes, pasta dinner mixes, and delicious soups. A good variety of their mixes are very adaptable and can be made into many different things. For example, you could easily add pumpkin or bananas to the bread mix. Their cookie mix can be made into chocolate chip or snickerdoodle, and their muffin mixes can be made into any flavor as well. 

They have a rather nice selection of flours to choose from, so you can find what's right for you and your family. They also sell Egg Replacer as well! If you find yourself tired of the same old meals, you can also find recipes on their site for a huge variety of meals and desserts using their selection of products and they all look delicious! 

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