Flash Back Friday: Home Update Progress

Original Realtor photo

We purchased our home in August of 2013 and it was already a cute little house, however, we really wanted to do some updates to it just to make it our own. In addition, the kitchen and the bathroom really needed updating. Despite the fact that our home will be completely paid off in three years, it will probably be in a constant state of remodeling for the next 5-10. Between a complete basement remodel (My office, yay!), new siding, windows, and shutters, and hardwood floors and new paint through out the house, it will be a long haul, but a rewarding one.

We started our updating in the bathroom, quite literally the day we moved in by ripping out the glass sliding shower window. I had a huge fear of my children going through it, so we immediately ripped that out. I also could not stand the way the bathroom looked, absolutely hated it. It was the worst room in the entire house, as you can see. So that weekend, we ripped everything out except the walls (which are still hideous, by the way, and will be ripped out and replaced with painted drywall), mirror, and lighting. We replaced the gross red carpeting (carpeting in the bathroom?!) with laminate floor tiles, and installed a brand new bathtub, shower head, toilet, and repainted the sink. Instantly it looked like an entirely new bathroom. We still have the walls to finish, a new mirror and lighting to install, and some fresh paint on the doors and windows, but for now, it looks much better than it did. 

Original Realtor Photo

The kitchen stayed the same up until recently. We repainted the cabinets, added new hardware, sink, light switch covers, light fixtures, stove, refrigerator, flooring, curtains, and yes, we used leftover tiles from the bathroom to cover that absolutely hideous blue counter top and wall. Don't worry, it's temporary! We are planning an addition onto the house and will be completely gutting and remodeling the entire kitchen, adding more counter space and cabinets. We also ripped the fan out above the range, and installed a new backs plash behind the range. We still need to re-tile the edge of the countertop, but just like the bathroom, you can see a huge difference. It's amazing what some paint and new fixtures and hardware can do for a space. 


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