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My kids love when we get our sub boxes in the mail each month. Together we unbox our Degustabox, which doesn't always have things my kids will eat. It tends to be more of a box for adults, although the do occasionally throw in some kiddo snacks in there, too. So when we got a Chef Club Box in the mail, and I told my son that he can open his very own food oriented sub box, he was so excited! 

I like having fruit in the house, but unfortunately, a lot of our favorites are out of season when we get a craving for them. That's why it's nice to keep some dried fruit on hand. You can eat them straight from the packaging, or you can add them to things like smoothies, cereal, muffin mixes, and much more. Also, since it's 100% real fruit, it's a nice healthy snack for everyone.

We also got a bag of Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn, which my children love, because they are almost always munching on popcorn. We watch a lot of movies at home, and we pull the drapes closed, curl up on the couch with bowls of popcorn, and watch movies on our big screen television as a family. We also loved that they included a small container of salsa, which was absolutely delicious. Salsa is another snack I don't mind giving as long as the ingredients are all natural. Salsa is essentially just a fresh veggie dip with spices. So it's also a healthy snack. 

My son loved the Kashi trail mix bar, which is packed full of goodness that gives you natural energy (not that my kids need any more energy, but that's what nuts and fruits do). The That's It bar is exactly what it claims to be. Just Apple and Cherry. That is literally it, making it a great to-go snack! My husband loves beef jerky, so my kids are use to it being in the house, but I'm not particularly fond of the sodium that is in most jerky. The Dried Chicken Breast teriyaki with mangos flavor, was really good. My son didn't even notice that it wasn't the normal beef jerky that my husband always eats. It also wasn't hard to chew, which is another plus.

They did include an original Jack Links beef jerky snack pouch, but I gave that to my husband, because like I said, I'm not fond of sodium content in most jerky. The Pretzel Crisps, my son ate with his salsa, and the granola he ate with his Simply Balanced Apple & Strawberry pouch (we squeezed it into a small bowl for him). 

I loved seeing these items in the box. The snacks are cool, and are great for road trips, or picnics with your kiddo, but I love when my children help me in the kitchen. They are learning to take care of themselves as well as learning math and science! My son loves to help me stir things and he was so excited to see his very own whisk in the box. I had to explain the chop sticks to him, because he's never seen them, but I am excited to teach him how to use them! 

They also included an activity sheet to color (not pictured) and a ring of cards which had a recipe and other fun learning material for your child. 

I also didn't expect the cute little bag that had items for mom and dad, like the tea, Italian dressing mix, and citrus slicer! 

Inside the lid of the box was a really fun calender for the month, which highlights fun food days to celebrate. 

The face of Chef Club Box is 15 year old Remmi, who fell in love with cooking at a very young age and wanted to help raise awareness of childhood obesity. She started a web series called Cook TimeWith Remmi

Chef Club Box works with companies that provide premium and healthy snacks for in each box. They also include, in addition to the delicious and healthy snacks, fun facts, contests, and interactivity activities. 


Select The Chef Club Classic Box or the The Chef Club Big Apple Box. Decide if you would like a monthly, 6 month, or 12 month subscription. You will be billed monthly regardless of what option you select. They have added benefits to the 6 month and 12 month subscription options.
You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you select the 6 month and 12 month options and you decide to cancel prior to the commitment period, you will be billed only for the appropriate charges relating to the benefits given.

Overall, I'm going to tell you that if you are interested in subscribing to a snack box, this is the one I would go with. Not only are the snacks included much healthier for you and your children, but they also include fun items to get your children excited to get in the kitchen and help. Based on my experience, children are more likely to eat healthier, if they have a hand in the preparation of their food, with assistance from mom and dad. 

Chef Club Box

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