Guide to Gifting Wine for the Holidays

If you aren't sure what to get someone for the holidays or are invited to a holiday dinner and don't know what to bring, wine is usually a popular choice (provided your recipient and host drinks!). However, it's hard to know what kind to get and with so many options for flavor and color, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide. 

Here are some quick tips to help you out when you are wine shopping.

Don't know the specific taste preference of the person you are buying for? No problem. It's always best to stick with the classics if you are unsure. A simple white or red wine is always the best bet. 


A lot of times when we gift wine for the holidays, it can be discouraging. Especially when the host stashes it away as soon as you gift it. Don't expect the host to pop open the bottle immediately or even serve it during the dinner or party. They may have other plans for the wine such as an anniversary with a significant other or even a relaxing evening alone. Just because they don't open it right away, doesn't mean they don't love the gift. 


Stick a note to the bottle with a cute little sentiment to let them know you put some thought into choosing just the right wine for them. Let them know that maybe the flavor reminded you of a time you shared or just simply tell them how much they mean to you. It's also a good way for them to remember who gave what in case they get a bottle from someone else as well. It can be as simple as a sticky note, or as festive as a holiday tag tied to the bottle with ribbon. 


So you don't want to give just wine, but don't know what to pair with it? How about a little chocolate, cheeses, dried fruits, or nuts? I've paired wine with special wine glasses, books, and even a wine rack if you are gifting wine for a new home owner. Think outside the box. Of course, just a bottle by itself will always be appreciated. There's no need to go all out unless you really want to. 


Wrapping a bottle of wine in wrapping paper isn't really the easiest to do. So if you are looking to make the bottle a little more festive instead of just handing the bottle off, you can purchase cute wine boxes or gift bags or you could go as simple as adding ribbon and bows! 

However you decide to gift the wine, always remember that the holidays are a time to spend with friends and loved ones and create memories. Relax and don't let the stress of gift giving get to you. 

Happy Holidays! 


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