6 Fun Ways to Show Your Disney Side on New Years Eve

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I am a huge Disney nerd and I look for every way to incorporate Disney into everything I do. A huge example of this was my 10 year anniversary vow renewal. Not only were the tables marked by Disney couples, but our seating chart table was adorned with Beauty and the Beast figures, and enchanted rose, and the backdrop for the ceremony was a huge Beauty and the Beast mural. Even our vows and ceremony itself (along with the dinner music) was 100% Disney!

For Christmas, I stuffed Christmas Mickey and Minnie plushes in my designer red and gold tree and our traditional tree is almost completely covered in Disney ornaments. 

So naturally, why wouldn't New Years Eve surround Disney in some way? 

There are so many creative ways to make your New Years festivities reflect your love for Disney and it's also very kiddo friendly! These are some of my favorite ways to incorporate my Disney love.

Disney Bounding

If you are unfamiliar with Disney Bounding, it's when you dress up as your favorite characters or park rides using everyday clothing. No elaborate costumes needed! You can do color schemes with little accessories or prints and there are so many options. For example, if you wanted to "Disney Bound" The Little Mermaid, you can combine a purple blouse with green skirt or pants, a starfish necklace, and maybe a "dinglehopper" hair accessory. The possibilities are endless and if you use Pinterest, you can find a lot of ideas on there. You can really show your creativity and have a lot of fun putting these outfits together. 

Mickey Ears

Instead of party hats, wear Mickey Ears! You can get packages of plain Micky and Minnie ears  in bulk on Amazon for pretty cheap if you want to have a bunch available for your party guests. There is also the more costly option of purchasing themed ears from the Disney Store and even Etsy. You can even make your own! Last year I purchased a Christmas pair that I wore a lot and this year I purchased Beauty and the Beast themed ears. You can find them in so many themes and if you decide to Disney Bound, they make a great accessory! 

Hidden Mickeys

This one is fun and one of my favorite ways to show my Disney Side. Have a veggie or cheese tray? Lay out the tray contents in the shape of a Mickey head! Balloons? Hang them so they form a Mickey head! Hide little Mickeys all through the party foods and decorations and it's not only a subtle hint to your fandom, but can also become a fun game for the party guests. Have your guests keep note of all the places they find hidden Mickeys. You could even have prizes for the guest that finds the most. Kids really enjoy this, but so do the adults. 


Are you playing games at your New Years party? How about Disney Charades? Or maybe some Disney Trivia? There are a lot of Disney games out there that you can either purchase on Amazon or make your own. 


This one seems pretty obvious, especially if you are hosting a kids party, but believe it or not, you can incorporate Disney into your decorations without buying the obviously character decorations you find in the kids section at Party City. A tiny homage to Mickey and Minnie Mouse would be red and white or white and black polka dot balloons. Even plain black and white balloons or round paper lanterns using the option of "Hidden Mickeys" as mentioned above can add a little Disney flair to your party. This is also a great time to add Alice in Wonderland decorations. Maybe a White Rabbit plush with some pocket watches. 


This is going to be another obvious one, but you can go in a different direction with it depending on your style. You could easily make foods shaped like Mickey heads or you can go with movie themes, for example: mini chocolate donuts labeled as "tires" for a Cars theme. But there's also a world of possibilities when you get into Disney Parks food. Turkey legs, filled cones, Dole Whips, Churros, and even "The Gray Stuff" from Be Our Guest can be on the menu. 

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun with it!
Have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year! 


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