5 Books to Curl up with This Winter

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My all-time favorite thing to do, any time of the year, is curling up with a good book. In the spring and summer I take my good read outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and birds chirping while I read. However, during the autumn and winter I like to do things a little differently. There's nothing better during the winter than curling up on our sofa, in front of our big front window while the snow falls, with the Christmas lights lit, a big fuzzy blanket, mug of hot cocoa, and a book off my ever growing to-reads list. 

Some books are just more fun to read during certain times of the year and I've compiled my list of favorite books you'll want to curl up with this winter.

By Daisy Goodwin

You will love curling up with this historical fiction novel based on the diary entires of the real life Queen Victoria. This book starts out from the time she turns 18 and soon after becomes Queen, telling a story of her reign as a determined your lady. It's beautifully written and hard to put down. If you love Downton Abbey, then you will enjoy Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. It's also going to be a Masterpiece Theater series coming in January. 

The Fireman
By Joe Hill

While Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King, he has his own writing style and certainly knows how to set a child through your bones with his horror story telling. However, in his latest book, The Fireman, he tells a story of America in crisis after a horrific disease sweeps through the nation. The disease is called Dragon Scale because you get golden scales on your skin just before you spontaneously combust. It's also highly contagious and effects everyone, young and old. Although, the twist is that there are some people who have learned to live with it and survive. Keep warm by curling up with The Fireman, by Joe Hill, and you won't regret it.

War in the Backyard
By Spike Bowan

I might be a little bias here since I'm friends with the author of this book, but seriously hear me out here. This book (and the rest in the series) are pretty hard to put down once you pick it up. My husband flew through them all in a weekend. And just like Game of Thrones, I warn you, do not get attached to any one character. That is, unless you like being devastatingly crushed to bits. Dare I saw that Spike is a lot more vicious when killing off characters than George R.R. Martin. War in the Backyard makes GoT look like Sesame Street in comparison.  In War in the Backyard, the government has essentially gone to the dogs and it's up to a group of veterans, law enforcement, and average citizens to fight back. The story is told entirely in first person, in real time, by many of the characters. It's basically a video game in book form. I highly suggest you pick this up, and start the series before the newest book is released summer 2017. 

Thirteen Reasons Why
By Jay Asher

This is an older book, released in 2007, but the reason it's on this list is because it's coming up on the 10 year anniversary and is being re-released with a different ending! Not only that, but it's being adapted into a mini series by Netflix. Thirteen Reasons Why takes you on a heartbreaking ride as you read about 13 cassette tapes, made by a teenage girl by the name of Hannah, just before she committed suicide. She sends all 13 tapes to classmate Clay Jensen. Prior to her death, she had explained that 13 people, including Jensen, are to blame for her depression, and subsequently, her demise As the tapes get passed along the 13 people responsible, they all learn exactly what it was that drove Hannah to end her own life. It's an eye opening novel for adults and teens alike, and makes you question how your words and actions affect others, even without you realizing it 

A Christmas Carol: A Coloring Classic
By Charles Dickens

Sure, curling up with a book to read is fun and relaxing, but what if you could relax by reading and coloring? That's why I love A Christmas Carol Coloring Classic. It's the classic Charles Dickens story, but with beautifully detailed pages you can color! 


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