Festive Seasonal Nails with Glossique

If you don't have time to spend on your nails, but want them looking festive and fun for the holidays, these nail wraps from Glossique are the perfect solution. 

Not only do they go on quickly and effortlessly, but they last longer than polish and don't destroy your nails like acrylic nails. 

Glossique nail wraps come in regular and petite sizes so you and your littles can have matching nails as well!

Last month I tried out a Halloween design in the petite size. They were still a little too big for my daughter's small nails and fingers, and I had to cut them down quite a bit. However, that gave us even more uses than a regular sheet would have. I found that the petite were perfect for my nail size, however, because I have small fingers. 

This month, I'm trying the regular size, and while these definitely weren't going to fit my daughter, I found that I use most of the smaller ones on my nails than I did the big ones. By process of elimination, trying both sizes, I know next time I order that the petites might be the best fit for me. 

I am wearing Crisp Air  which is part of the Polar Iced collection.

That being said, these winter nail decals are absolutely perfect and oh so cute! I'm already addicted to them. They are so easy to apply. All you have to do is peel your chosen size off the backing, place on your (clean) nail, making sure to smooth out any bubbles or bends in the decal, cut off the excess (I used cuticle scissors), and file down the edges so they are smooth.

To remove them, I just start peeling from the base and slowly lift up and off. they don't leave residue on my nails and I don't need to worry about it ruining my natural nails. 

I also did a bit of the unusual with these ones. Typically I use the on my natural nails, however, my natural nails all broke off from stress and were pretty short. So I had purchased and used acrylic nails for my vow renewal and still had them on when I tested these particular decals. They work just as good on acrylic nails as well! So good news is, if you use plain, unpainted acrylics for length, you can use these decals on them for unique designs! Why stop there, though! You can use these decals on one nail as an accent nail and paint the other nails in coordinating colors, giving you more options and your sheet will last longer.

If you are thinking about the cost, I would say these are pretty affordable when you consider the convenience of it. 

If you are thinking of trying Glossique, they are having a great Black Friday sale!
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