Smooth Shave and Soft, Hydrated Skin

This time of year my skin gets really dry. Between the dry fall/winter air and the effects of the passed summer sun, my legs end up feeling like sandpaper even after I shave. I've also had a lot of problems getting a really close shave and get tired of having to shave every other day. I've tried so many shave gels and creams for a closer shave and on top of that moisturizers to rehydrate my skin. Up until now, I never thought about a shave oil. 

I tested Somersets line of shave oils and I'm actually impressed!

Somersets has both a men's line as well as a women's line of shave oils. There's Extra Sensitive for legs and underarms and Extra Delicate for bikini area in the women's line and Tough Stubble, Maximum Glide Sensitive, and Maximum Glide Original  for men. 

These shave oils are a combination of essential oils that, when absorbed into the skin, is going to rehydrate and bring out your skin's natural glow while they also get you a closer shave and soften hairs so you don't have to shave as often. The oil prevents nicks and cuts and best of all, no razor burn! 

The instructions say to use about 4-5 drops of the oil and that the bottle will typically last you a month. I was kind of skeptical about that, but it's true! A little bit of the oil goes a long way! My husband had recently picked up a cheaper brand of razors than I usually use and I was getting frustrated with them because they seemed like they just didn't do a very good job. So I knew they would be great to help me test this shave oil. Impressively enough, even though I used the terrible razors, after using Somersets shave oil, my legs were smoother than they had been in a long time! Not only did I get such a close shave that it took a few days before stubble was noticeable, but my legs were soft, smooth, and skin was healthy looking (not dull). So the proof is in the pudding (so to speak). It's not the razor that gives you a closer shave, it's all about what you use WITH the razor. 

As for the men's shave oil, my husband suffers from dry skin, which is why most of the time, he doesn't shave very much. When he does shave, he has dry patches of skin. This stuff is so amazing that it's taken care of that problem entirely. 

Essentially, you end up skipping the step of moisturizing after you get out of the shower, because Somersets shave oil takes care of that step while you are shaving!

More info on Somersets Shave Oils:

For men:
  • All-natural, vegan ingredients such as Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Juniper Berry, Camomile and Cedar Wood Oils that are only plant extracted and never tested on animals
  • Choose from Maximum Glide Shaving Oils in Original, Extra Sensitive, or Tough Stubble
  • No cuts or razor burn; Somersets offers “the world’s most comfortable shave”
  • Up to 90 shaves from one compact bottle, only 3-4 drops per shave
  • No water needed, making them ideal for home, gym, and travel
  • Hand luggage and TSA friendly
 For women:
  • All-natural Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Rosemary that are only plant extracted and never tested on animals
  • Choose from Extra Sensitive for Legs and Underarm or Delicate for Bikini Area
  • No cuts or razor burn; Somersets offers “the world’s most comfortable shave”
  • Up to 90 shaves from one compact bottle, 5-6 drops per leg
  • No water needed, making them ideal for on-the-go touch ups
  • Easy to fit in a small purse or clutch
  • TSA friendly

Somersets Shaving Oils for Men and Women are available online at as well as Walgreens, as well as several regional chains and select independent stores.

*Disclosure: This product was received in exchange for an honest, unbiased, review. The reviews and or opinions on this blog are 100% my own. No monitory compensation was received and I was not required to write a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising . 


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